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By Shawn Mack - 4 min read

10 most unique places to stay in Bali

Places to stay in Bali

An adventurous soul like yours can easily be trapped in clouds of confusion when planning a trip and deciding on places to stay in Bali. There are so many amazing hotels in Bali that narrowing down your options can become quite a challenge.

For that very reason, here we have compiled the ten most unique places to stay in Bali, from a shortlist of many cool hotels. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have that premium, exotic vacation experience that you desire when you head out for a stay in Bali. So, let’s dive right in!

Pramana Watu Kurung Resort

Away from the coastal areas, Pramana Watu Kurung Resort represents the other side of Bali. A side of Bali which is just as exotic as the beaches. The elegant resort embraces Indonesia’s rich heritage and allows guests to experience its authenticity. Some 18 guest suites and villas have been constructed from handcrafted Javanese wooden joglos. The careful integration of natural materials and environmental features enables guests to truly experience the glory and harmony of Balinese life.

COMO Uma Canggu

COMO Uma Canggu is a place that promises ultimate luxury in Bali, be it a solo trip or a Bali honeymoon. This magnificent place will meet your expectations brilliantly.

The resort features a 3-bedroom penthouse with stunning contemporary design. Its large windows add to the luxurious feel, while the premium-grade furnishings and interior décor give the place all the more grandeur.

Plus, this place features a dreamy deck under a grand ocean-facing arc to enjoy cocktails and spend time with your loved ones. It’s one of the more high-end Bali hotels, but we assure you, this is for all the right reasons!

NewEarth Haven

Nature and Bali go hand in hand. It would be quite unfair not to include one of those recently built eco-friendly tourist resorts in our list of 10 most unique places to stay in Bali. Each of these is a refreshing escape into nature. However, our favorite has to be NewEarth Haven.

It’s a place that radiates natural calm and comfort. The Eco Domes use natural materials like bamboo to blend in with the surrounding environment. Plus, the water supply depends on local reserves. Of course, you’ll find all the modern tech you require, like wifi and touch panel lighting, thoughtfully incorporated throughout. But nature is what the architecture truly reflects on the whole.

Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge is another favorite amongst nature-themed Bali resorts. If you and your fam have a deep-rooted love for nature and wildlife, we bet you love this one too! Here you’ll get to enjoy your breakfast practically side by side with incredible wildlife, including lions! The rest of the hotel also offers an exciting safari-oriented ambiance.

Bali Agung Village

Located in the hub of Seminyak, your stay at Bali Agung resort will be full of adventures. There are several cafes, restaurants and shops located nearby. Every day during your stay, you can explore fun new activities, before returning to the cool and calming environment of these traditional villas.

Morabito Art Cliff

Dreamy and relaxing, the Morabito Art Cliff is the perfect place to spend some leisure time. The contemporary interiors and majestic artwork of the Morabito Art Cliff were designed by the famous Paris-based artist Pascal Morabito. You may be in Bali, but this resort offers five different destination-themed experiences in its different lofts: Santorini, Miami, Capri, Manhattan and Cartagena.

You can relish your vacation to the fullest at these beautiful places, directly facing the Indian Ocean. The place offers you heart-warming, beautiful sunsets and the best surfing waves in Bali.

Sharma Springs House Green Villa

The amazing Sharma Springs House Green Villa is the tallest and largest bamboo structure in the whole of Bali. This glorious villa is undeniably a work of art and a great place to spend a honeymoon.

It is a 6-story property that overlooks the marvelous Ayung River Valley. The Shama Springs House Green Villa has 4 luxurious bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, a living room, a large private plunge pool, and even a guest house. You can enter the main house from the 4th floor through the 15-meter-long tubular bamboo entrance! A truly unique place to stay in Bali.

Wapa Di Ume Sideman

Located in east Bali, the Wapa Di Ume Sideman has been referred to as the hidden gem of Bali. The beautiful, five-star resort is a great relaxing and revitalizing spot.

It offers 360-degree panoramic hillside views with a glorious backdrop of the huge Mount Agung, surrounded by amazing rice fields. Its refreshing vibes are ideal for a stay that connects you back to nature. Plus, for the finishing touch, the resort has a wonderful spa where guests can enjoy massages and other treatments.

Sandat Glamping Tents

Established in 2013, the Sandat Glamping Tents are luxurious tents nestled between lush rice paddies. This little corner of paradise is only 3 km away from the cultural center of Ubud. So, you’ll find a world of fascinating activities not far from your accommodation in Bali.
These glorious tents come with private pools, luxurious furniture, and bathrooms to spend a relaxing weekend. There are also spas and bars for enjoyment.

Calma Ubud Suite & Villas

Another spot located just minutes away from the cultural center of Ubud is the tranquil Calma Ubud Suite and Villas. This private, uniquely built resort sits amidst nature, overlooking a lush valley, rice terraces and amazing sunsets. Each villa and suite has a contemporary interior and exterior, which further enhances the living experience.

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