4 great breakfast spots in Zurich

By Diana Diratsuyan - 2 MIN READ

Don’t you like having a nice breakfast or brunch from time to time. I’ve been visiting great places to have a nice breakfast in Zurich, and I’ve concluded the following: a positive breakfast experience is key to a great morning.

Zurich has blossomed into a trendy city with diverse gastronomy. The city is packed with remarkable spots to have your morning coffee with croissants.

So here are four great breakfast and brunch places in Zurich to try out.

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      №1 Babu’s Bakery and coffee house

      This is where I had the best coffee in Zurich! Elegant decor, freshly baked pastries, waffles, and all other brunch essentials that you can think of. This coffee house has a warm and cozy atmosphere, as well as a welcoming and energetic staff. My experience here helped set the mood for a great day.

      Cherry on top: Babu’s serves breakfast all week long.


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      №2 Café Bar Odeon

      As a historical place in Zurich, Odeon has been on my “must visit” list already for a while, so I’ve decided to try it out to have a breakfast. Historically, this Viennese-style coffeehouse was a meeting spot of famous writers and artists from all over the world. Today, it is a perfect spot to have breakfast and brunch on the weekend.


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      №3 TERRASSE

      Terrasse is a classy oasis in the heart of Zurich. I was in love with the British elegance and charm of its décor. If you love this kind of aesthetics the way I do, you will definitely like this place. The highlight of this restaurant is the romantic terrace, where you can start the day with avocado and toasts, salmon bagels, orange juice, coffee and so much more.


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      №4 Juicery 21

      I found this place by accident while roaming around in Zurich and wondering where I could get a cup of coffee. What a great surprise! Juicery 21 is a trendy, albeit a bit hidden, spot, for amazingly refreshing juices and a delish Açaí bowl. The small outdoor area and easy-going style of this place make it very charming. If you are vegan or vegetarian, there are a variety of options that will make you happy.


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      Here you go, a selection of my favorite breakfast places to try out in Zurich next time you will be there. If you ever want to visit Zurich, download TWISPER to discover more places to try out.

      By Diana Diratsuyan

      Diana works in digital marketing and content creation at TWISPER. She loves to travel and share her favourite places to eat and sleep around the world.  Follow her on TWISPER to see her place recommendations around the world!

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