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4 hidden gems in Amsterdam

By Sarah Chin A Sen - 4 MIN READ

When visiting a new city, do you love to get the local insights to make your experience as authentic as possible? Well, this blog post is for you!

During my years of living in the Netherlands, I discovered how locals loved their coffee breaks, which always came along with one of those very Dutch cakes or pies, like the famous “Appeltaart”.

Therefore, it is no surprise to see so many small cafés fill up the streets of Amsterdam that offer an incredible range of options of sweet snacks and hot drinks. Even the most unexpected places make it possible for visitors to have a cup of coffee or tea with a slice of cake. Some of these places are well-hidden but are definitely worth a visit, so here are 4 of my hidden gems in Amsterdam for you to enjoy your trip like a local!


“COTTONCAKE is born out of our addiction to discover, to find and to fall in love.”


First hidden gem is Cottoncake. A boutique, a cafe, an all-day breakfast spot… This place is everything. When you get a first look at the building, you wouldn’t be able to guess that you can actually sit, eat great food, and have drinks there! But you can, upstairs!
The completely white interior of the boutique is stunning, makes you feel calm and relaxed, and offers a perfect break from the bustle of the city. It’s a great place to have brunch or some coffee and cake 🍰 in the afternoon!


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Flowers & Powers

“Flowers are like words; every bouquet is a poem.”


Don’t you love the scent and freshness that hit you whenever you enter a flower shop? Well at Flowers & Powers, you can enjoy it even longer if you want! This florist has 3 tables available for visitors to have a coffee break surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. Nothing better to put you in a relaxed mood… Don’t hesitate to enter the shop and order a drink with a delicious pastry to appreciate the poetic environment and the divine smell of freshly cut flowers. It is truly a place to hit pause and take the time to enjoy life!
And if you’re interested, in learning how to make your own stunning flower arrangements,
you can sign up for one of their workshops 💐.


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“We make the city green: in- and outside.”


Another hidden gem that brings nature’s zen to you! Wildernis is an urban plant and garden shop. This place is on a real mission to make your everyday life greener, whether it’s at the office, on the street or in your home. And if you think you don’t have a green thumb, Wildernis organizes workshops and lectures about urban gardening, vegetable gardening, houseplants, and many more topics.
But it’s also a great place to get a coffee, or tea, or other types of refreshing drinks to accompany an exquisite slice of cake in the middle of an urban jungle. You’d never think to stop there for a bite, but you definitely should!


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“Pllek is relaxed, open-minded, welcoming and extraordinary. […] Everything we do is with care for the environment, for you and for your karma.”


Straying a bit from the café-type places, Pllek is one of my favorite hidden gems in Amsterdam! Located in an industrial area with a welcoming and easy-going vibe, the place seems to be made from and is surrounded by shipping containers.
They describe themselves as the biggest green restaurant in Amsterdam: their food (all locally sourced) mainly consists of vegetables with very few meat or fish dishes. But this place is more than a restaurant. In addition to serving beautiful and tasty food and drinks, it also hosts a wide range of events, from yoga classes, to live music performances and dancing evenings… And when the sun shines in Amsterdam, you can even enjoy it on their beautiful terrace. Pllek is everything!


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If you love going off the beaten track, these places are perfect to visit and discover another side of the Dutch capital. Some are literally hidden; others are just unknown by many people (sometimes on purpose!), but they are all gems worth your time, so I do hope you check them out!

Sarah Chin A Sen
By Sarah Chin A Sen

Sarah works in digital marketing and content creation at TWISPER. Travel and food are some of her passions and she shares her favorite spots and tips with you on our blog and on our app. Follow her on TWISPER to see her place recommendations around the world!

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