4 special places to stay in France

By Diana Diratsuyan - 2 MIN READ

As the largest country in Europe, France has countless beautiful places to visit. While you will be busy looking for plane tickets and excursion tours, let me help you with special places to stay in France. Let’s take a look at 4 unique hotels for your next trip in the land of baguettes, croissants and pains au chocolat.


1. Villa La Coste, Provence

If you’re not into average hotel stays and prefer living unique experiences, then Villa la Coste is the hotel for you. This huge estate has it all to take your trip to the next level: modern art, vineyards, fine gastronomy, and exceptional private villas. Take a map and walk around Villa la Coste to discover the most incredible and impressive contemporary artworks right in the middle of the forest and vineyards.


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2. Château de Bézyl, Bretagne

Close your eyes and imagine being in the most beautiful and mysterious fairytale… That is the feeling you get when staying in Chateau de Bézyl. Historically, this hotel was a mansion from 1870 that welcomed many noble guests. Nowadays, it is a welcoming château-hôtel that features a private cinema, a huge pool and a park, where you can have a picnic.


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3. Hôtel Du Petit Moulin, Paris

Hôtel du Petit Moulin is a truly special place to stay in France. A secret residence with a fabulous interior designed by Christian Lacroix, the hotel only has 16 rooms. Each one of them has a particular style and color scheme. What makes it special is that it was entirely inspired by a dollhouse! Fancy furniture, surprising colors, and extraordinary pieces of contemporary art… I can guarantee that this hotel will amaze you.


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4. Airstream Trailer Park, Ariège

Located near the border between France and Spain, Airstream trailer park is a hotel consisting of 15 trailers that were brought to France from the USA. The trailers are very comfortable and well decorated. And don’t even worry about bringing your own food! The vintage food truck, “Lucy’s Dinner”, will meet all your culinary needs.
The cherry on top: the fantastic view of the Pyrenees in a relaxed atmosphere… and a hot tub made from red cedar wood!


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By Diana Diratsuyan

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