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By Adrian Lomezzo - 2 min read

4 things to do in Prague during Christmas

I had mixed feelings about visiting this city, mainly because it wasn’t as popular as its other counterparts. However, spending a December in this city filled with historical structures changed my opinion!

Prague, located at the center of Europe, is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Also referred to as “the city of a hundred spires”, Prague -like most other European capitals- is famous for its rich history and cultural heritage.

My hungry eye was well fed by the amazing sights that Prague had to offer. Here are a few of the scenes and places that captured my heart:

The Old Town Square Christmas Market

Initially, I was just checking it out because of its popularity but the various display of interesting souvenirs changed my motive. One piece of advice I would certainly give you is to make your way up The Old Town Tower for a beautiful aerial view of the marketplace.

There are a few hotels located less than 1km from the market for example The Old Town Square & Parizska Apartments and Gold Art Apartments.

There are also amazing restaurants situated around this marketplace, one of them being a Brazilian restaurant, Brasiliero U Zelene zaby.


Located at the center of the city, close to the five-star hotel Four Seasons (that I recommend you check out if you have unlimited budget or if you want to treat yourself!) is one of the large building complexes in Europe, the Klementinum. This building houses so many beautiful rooms but the one that stays forever glued in my mind is the Baroque library.

What’s more? It is situated very close to an excellent Italian restaurant, La Finestra in Cucina.

Charles’ Bridge

There is something so magical about viewing such beautiful structures for me. The Charles’ Bridge Tower not too far from the great Kampa Park Restaurant gave me one of these ecstatic feelings that one cannot forget.

And, for a good night’s rest near the bridge, in case you love a hotel by the water like me, Hotel U Zlatych nuzek is there to the rescue, with breakfast included!

Franz Kafka Museum

If you hadn’t realized yet, I am a sucker for literary materials, but it wasn’t just the fact that this museum was dedicated to one of the greatest authors that made my visit memorable.

This iconic museum is close to a popular espresso bar, COCOVANKA boho kavarna, where you’ll be able to take a well-deserved and delicious break after your exploration of the museum.

Another gem near this place is Restaurante Cihelna. Besides the great food that you’ll get to enjoy there, you might even get to see some swans and enjoy a view the Charles Bridge from a distance (just 3 minutes away).


A Christmas in Prague convinced me that this city deserves way more attention from travelers than it gets. Just as much attention as any other world-famous capital!

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