5 restaurants in Paris recommended by master butcher, Hugo Desnoyer


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We are proud to welcome our newest ambassador, Hugo Desnoyer!

Hugo Desnoyer is France’s favorite artisan butcher and a great advocate of proper production and consumption of meat. As a true master butcher, his customers include French celebrities like Catherine Deneuve and Carla Bruni, and his expertise is nowadays sought around the world.

Hugo Desnoyer always keeps ethics in mind. His greatest concern is the challenge of nutrition in the world, and he firmly believes that responsible farming and fishing are essential to future food production.

As a TWISPER ambassador, Hugo shares his best place recommendations around the world on the TWISPER app. Here are 5 of them to give you a glimpse of his favorite restaurants (he even supplies them himself!) 😉
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La Table Hugo Desnoyer

In his 16th arrondissement butcher shop, Hugo Desnoyer welcomes his guests at his “Table d’Hôtes”. He offers all meat lovers a fabulous culinary experience. Cherry on top, customers can choose their piece of meat at the stall before tasting it on the spot!


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This kebab goes far beyond your usual “carved meat in flat bread”. Once carved, the meat is mixed with a unique blend of herbs and spices that gives the Grillé kebab its unique taste. Bread and fries are delicious and homemade. Every kebab is made to order to be served as fresh as possible!


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Le Petit Verdot

A secret spot of Hugo’s 🤫 This restaurant is one of his favorites in Paris. The place uses high-quality ingredients and serves delectable traditional French cuisine with Japanese influences. They even have an amazing wine selection to drink with your meals!


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The Michelin-starred restaurant of Pascal Barbot features a surprise menu that takes you on a culinary journey where everything is perfection. Its modern French cuisine with unparalleled aesthetic will leave you with a mouth-watering memory that your taste buds will not forget!


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Pierre Gagnaire

At Pierre Gagnaire, the contemporary atmosphere beautifully highlights the modern and innovative dishes served in the premises. The restaurant received three Michelin stars for its excellent modern French cuisine that has the perfect balance between flavors, textures and aesthetic.


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Here you have it! Five of our new ambassador’s favorite places in Paris 🤤
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