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By Sarah Chin A Sen - 3 min read

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5 trendy cocktail bars in Paris

Paris is incredible. In addition to its culture and history, the French capital has a very lively nightlife scene and plenty of nightclubs and bars to choose from.

For cocktail lovers, there are so many choices! The French capital doesn’t lack in trendy bars and award-winning bartenders. Here are 5 great cocktail places to start exploring the Parisian nightlife 🍸.


In the 20th Arrondissement of Paris, Mino is a cocktail bar and a restaurant serving Mediterranean food. The place is eco-friendly and entirely decorated with natural elements: wooden bar, suspended plants and blue-painted chairs that evoke the sea.

The owner, Jennifer Le Nechet, is an award-winning mixologist. In 2016, she’s the first French and woman to win the Diageo World Class club, an international bartending competition, for her creativity and skills in storytelling. Suffice to say, the drinks at Mino are exceptional!

Jennifer is also a TWISPER ambassador 🥳 Follow her on the app to get her best recommendations on where to eat, sleep and drink around the world! 🥂


Bisou (Kiss in French) is a very innovative cocktail bar where every cocktail is adapted to the season and to you! So, no menu there! Chat with your bartender and tell your preferences and mood to get a completely customized drink 🤩. That way, you’ll get a cocktail that suits what you like.

Huge plus: most of the ingredients are all seasonal and locally sourced, and they have a zero-waste policy.

Uma Nota

If you’ve ever visited São Paolo in Brazil, you probably know that it has the largest community of Japanese people outside of Japan. As they settled in the country, the Japanese created a fusion cuisine that Uma Nota pays tribute to.

This place serves amazing cocktails that you can accompany with delicious street-food-like dishes made from Brazilian ingredients and imbued with Japanese influences.

The huge colorful staircase reminds me of the famous mosaic steps of Rio de Janeiro created by the artist Jorge Selarón, and highlights the uplifting Latin atmosphere of the bar restaurant.

On some evenings, the place organizes awesome parties that transport you to South America with musicians, dancers, capoeira performances, and so on.

Little Red Door

In the heart of the Marais, the Little Red Door is an award-winning bar that has been listed as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars for several years. The bar has a speakeasy vibe to it, with dimmed lighting that creates a cozy, chic atmosphere. So, don’t be fooled by its name! The real entrance is actually located on the left of said little red door 😜.

At this bar, mixology is an art. It’s the perfect spot for cocktail lovers that appreciate original, innovative and creative cocktails. At Little Red Door, everything is about experimentation. The menu allows guests to be adventurous by keeping the list of cocktail ingredients hidden. So, have fun and let yourself be surprised! 😮

Le Syndicat

If you’re in Paris, you’re probably looking to experience the French way of life. Well, Le Syndicat is a great bar for you to have cocktails the French way! What does this entail? Sophisticated and stylish drinks, French spirits, French food, classic cocktails with a French twist. You got it: everything French! 🇫🇷

The place itself has a surprising façade with a very urban aesthetic and abandoned look that contrasts with the fabulous, refined menu. But once you’re in the bar, the atmosphere drastically changes to a fancier, industrial one.

These 5 places are really cool spots to enjoy a drink and they all offer very different types of high-quality cocktails. I hope you check them out during your next Parisian escapade! I promise they’ll meet all your expectations 😌.

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