5 unique hotels in Denmark

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In the past few years, Denmark has been increasingly recognized for its cutting-edge and practical architecture and design. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that there are so many unique hotels in Denmark.

Here are a few places that will make your trip to Denmark a memorable one!

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      Manon les Suites

      If you’re looking for an exotic experience in Europe, this place is the perfect spot!
      Manon les Suites is a spa hotel in Denmark inspired by the Indonesian islands. You would never expect to find such a place within the walls of this building. The hotel has a rooftop terrace perfect for the summer days and modern rooms with beautiful canopy beds. But its best feature is the lush pool area that will instantly transport you to Asia…


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      Sleep in a former coal crane for an unconventional stay in the Danish capital! This one-room-only hotel offers the most intimacy you’ll ever have.
      The engine room was converted into a modern minimalist bedroom with a lounge and two terraces from which you’ll be able to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding sea and the city. Thekrane even includes a spa and a room service breakfast every morning!


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      This hotel in Denmark combines sustainability with luxury.
      Climb up to your treetop cabin to admire the Danish forest near Mariager Fjord. From your cozy nest, surrounded by trees, you’ll experience the peaceful atmosphere of the local nature. The cottages even have beautiful rooftop terraces!
      It’s a perfect place to experience the famous Danish concept of hygge (which basically refers to a sense of coziness and togetherness, to enjoying being in the present).


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      Lavvu in Skandinavisk Dyrepark

      In the heart of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park lies a Lavvu camping site.
      A lavvu is an authentic Saami tent. As indigenous Scandinavian people, the Saami people are nomads and make camp with tipi-like tents.
      Spending the night in a lavvu is a great experience that will not only allow you to discover the Saami way of life, but that will also help you get to know the local wildlife better.


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      Central Hotel & Café

      Another one-room hotel in Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen, and this one even claims to be the smallest hotel in the world! Who wouldn’t want to have such a fun experience and tell everyone that they’ve spent the night in such a unique place?
      Located above a tiny café, the hotel room is full of charm, and despite the modern amenities, the décor and the wooden furniture still transport you back in time. Breakfast is included and served at Café Granola, a really cool spot just a block away.
      Such a lovely and intimate place to stay in the capital!


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