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By Josie Hough - 3 min read

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7 avocado restaurants to eat the Instagrammable fruit 🥑


Did you say avocado restaurant? Yep, there are now multiple eateries dedicated to the most millennial of fruits.

It’s very green, it’s got a massive stone and for some reason it’s only ever under- or over-ripe. And yet we’re wild for avocados. Can’t get enough of the stuff.
The next step is clear: restaurants where the entire menu revolves around avocado. 7 of them to be exact…

The Avocado Show

Pretty healthy food is the name of the game at this avocado restaurant franchise. The Avocado Show now has three beautifully Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam and one in Brussels (hellooo, pink sofas and plant wall 😍). Their goal is to serve great food that’s as visually stunning as it is good for you and the world. That’s right, amongst all the avo-controversy, they make sure all their avocados are sustainably and responsibly grown, picked and transported. Most iconic dish? The burger whose bun is a whole avocado. We’re here for it.

Avobar London

A little further north, you’ll find Avobar London. They’ve got big plans to bring their avocado restaurant to the whole country (and further). For now, their ethical and sustainable avos are gracing our plates in Covent Garden and in Hong Kong. Their superfood-rich all-day brunch is the guilt-free indulgence you need. Oh, and it’s not just the food that’s avocado central. Feast your eyes on the cocktail menu: Avo Maria or Avo Colada, anyone? 🍹

Avocateria Paris

Don’t worry, Parisian friends, we wouldn’t leave you out. There’s an avocado restaurant for you too. In fact, there’s two (in Sentier and Bastille). Avocateria proudly serves homemade, plastic-free, unrefined sugar only goodness with their eco-responsible avocados coming from Spain and Morocco to keep things as close to home as possible. They win the award for most unique avocado recipe – their black guac is made with activated carbon 🖤

Eden Garden

For lovers of the healthy, the gourmet and above all, the avocado, Nantes has Eden Garden 🌱 Fresh, local ingredients and a focus on chic and chill makes this avocado restaurant a must-visit if you’re in the area. Go on Sunday for avo’brunch and enjoy their pancake tower with a view of the river.

Avocado Club Berlin

Berlin’s stylish home to the green superfruit is concept restaurant Avocado Club. They make sure every part of their sustainable avos is used (the stone goes into tea or smoothies and the skin ends up as textile dye!). The food is equally impressive, with 🥑 as the main or supporting ingredient in every dish. You’ll be surprised what they can do with an avocado!

Avocado Queen Ibiza

When you need a detox on your trip to Ibiza, make your way to Avocado Queen. Their contemporary cuisine centers on our favorite green fruit and combines flavors from all over the world. So you can have avo pasta and avo sushi in the same beautiful place.

Avocado Gang Prague

Created by a mother at a loss for what to feed her young vegetarian daughter, Avocado Gang has grown fast and we want to be part of it. Prague’s avocado restaurant serves its avo-centric goodies on the vast, vibrantly colorful communal table that grabs your eye immediately on entering. Definitely Insta-friendly 🌈

Avo look at more amazing recommendations 😉

Inspired to go eat avocado everything at one of these concept restaurants? Or maybe you know of one we’ve missed? Let us know!

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