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By Barbora Ondrackova - 4 min read

7 Instagrammable restaurants in Prague

Prague is worth the visit for many reasons – beautiful architecture, romantic atmosphere or a great nightlife. One of the things you’ll find in Prague is many restaurants and cafe offering not only traditional Czech dishes but a cuisine from all around the world. In today’s post I would like to introduce to you 10 restaurants and cafe which I personally love and which are worth taking a picture on the gram! All of the places, together with my other recommendations you can find on the app called “​TWISPER​” which is a cool place where you can find recommendations for hotels, cafés and restaurant from people all over the world – I think this is a great way to discover new places not only in your own town, but especially when traveling and visiting a foreign city!

1. Terasa U Prince

If I would have to name the “ultimate Instagram worthy place in Prague”, it would definitely be Terasa U Prince​, which is a rooftop restaurant with an incredible view on the Old Town Square. It’s one of my favourite places to take pictures in Prague – I think it’s the most beautiful during the sunset time! When it comes to cuisine, they offer a large selection of many international dishes with a large selection of wines, cocktails and other drinks too. My favourite is ​the tuna tartare​ and an ​Aperol Spritz​!

2. Cotto Crudo

Cotto Crudo you can find the luxurious, 5 star hotel Four Seasons Prague which is located directly on the bank of the river Vltava. This great Italian restaurant has both an inside and an outside seats – honestly I recommend visiting the restaurant during summer and reserve a table outside. From their terrace you can see the river, the Prague Castle and the Malá Strana. During lunchtime they also offer a special 2-course menu for 440 CZK or 3-course menu for 550 CZK. My favourite dish here would have to be a ​Mushroom Risotto ​combined with a glass of white wine.

3. Café Chloe

When it comes to photogenic cafes in Prague, ​Cafe Chloe Prague is definitely the place. In this centrally located space, which you can reach within a few minutes walking distance from the main train station, has everything you need in order to take the perfect pic – a flower wall, marble printed tables, another wall with a Louis Vuitton print, delicious breakfasts and brunches as well as photogenic angel wings on a pink wall. One of my favourite things to order is without any doubts their ​avocado toast​ which I adore!

4. Manifesto Market

If you’re looking for a young, hip and casual place for a get together, ​Manifesto Market is definitely the place to go to, especially during the afterwork hour. They have two loactions – one nearby the bus station Florenc and one at Smichov. I personally love visiting both of them and each of them is having a completely different vibe. Manifesto Florenc is way bigger – they have about 10 restaurants and 4 bars. On the other hand I like Manifesto Smichov’s location better. There’s also a small wading pool, some sun chairs and beautiful “city jungle” decorations. In Florenc I can definitely recommend the ​salmon ceviche​ at Hanzu by Sasazu and ​Gin & Tonic​ from the Gin Bubbles District!

5. James Dean Prague

If you’re looking for a little different kind of vibe, make sure to visit the retro American diner called ​James Dean​. They serve everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner over drinks and cocktails to snacks. There is also a club on their lower floor in case you feel like going out after your dinner. When it comes to cocktails I can definitely recommend the ​Strawberry Daiquiri or the ​Marylin Monroe which is a house signature drink! When it comes to food, make sure to try out one of their ​burgers – however if you’re on a gluten-free diet like I am, go for the ​Bubba Gump Shrimps with a side of homemade fries!

6. Seafood Shop Prague

Seafood Shop Prague has two locations – one in Slavikova and one in Zborovska. Both of them are both a store and a restaurant. In both stores you’ll find many special and high-quality foods, like ingredience and appliences for sushi, cheese, home made bread, wine, prosecco, caviar and fresh salads. They, of course, sell fresh fish and seafood as well. In their loction in Prague 3, in Slavikova, you can also order freshly made ​poké bowl or some sushi​. In their other location, you can choose a piece of fish and the chef is going to cook it in front of your eyes! There also a little seating area outside which is nice especially in the hot summer days! When it comes to my favourite, there is lot: ​fresh oysters, squid, shrimps and their mixed platter in a combination with delicious prosecco!

7. Oblaca Restaurant

My last but not least tip is the ​Oblaca restaurant which you can find inside of the Žižkovská Tower. This place is located 66 meters above the ground – so not only you will have the feeling you’re eating literally in the clouds, you will also have an amazing view on the whole city. Oblaca is opened throughout the whole day: from breakfast time, over lunch to dinner. I don’t have a favourite dish in this place, however I do recommend coming during the ​sunset time which in my opinion has the best atmosphere!

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