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By Ibn Shakoor - 4 min read

8 high-end restaurants & bars in Barcelona

Whether it’s for the Mediterranean atmosphere, the staggering architecture, or the mouth-watering food, Barcelona is a bucket list destination that one should not miss. And let’s not forget about their wine! But food is definitely one of the highlights of this city. So, if life ever takes you to Barcelona, here is a selection of restaurants and bars to visit.

4 top restaurants


Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos is one of the best fine dining options for its distinctive “Show cooking” concept and culinary philosophy. The restaurant focuses on the fusion of Spanish Panache with Japanese ingredients. Their Gyoza, Mochi de fruta de la pasión and Japo Burger are MUST-tries.

At Dos Palillos, there are two dining areas. The first one is at the entrance for an à la carte experience, and the other is further inside the restaurant and is dedicated to tasting menus. A small number of people can be seated around the open central kitchen, creating an intimate atmosphere.


Alkimia is a restaurant running under the leadership of chef Jordi Vila. Their cuisine mixes the best of the past, present, and future of the Catalan gastronomy. They are grounded in tradition, and yet open to embracing radical contemporary ideas.

Alkimia has managed to stay in the limelight over the years. The tasting menus feature a balanced series of dishes that are diverse in flavors and textures. We can sense their secret affair with the sea in dishes like hazelnut hollandaise, razor calm, and sherry Suquet.

If I had to choose between their many excellent options, the al kostat menu and the baked macaroni and stuffed pig’s feet are really worth it. In short, this place is defined by an intense and extensive exploration of the Catalan traditions.


As you enter this magnificent restaurant, take a moment to appreciate the architecture and interior of the place. Then, order one of their amazing cocktails, or a glass or bottle of their excellent wines, which are very popular amongst customers. As for the food part, You must taste the crispy egg yolk with mushroom gelatin, and the panchio bao bun with creamy Beluga caviar.

Hawker 45

If you love it when food and beautiful aesthetics meet, Hawker 45 is a must-visit place for you. Sit in bright lightning and watch as you get immersed in a fusion of Asian street foods. There is a wide range of American and Asian cocktails that you can order for apero, before proceeding to eating your delicious meal. The chef, originally from the Philippines, creates a fusion between many Asian foods. I recommend that you try out the shrimp toasts inspired by Hong Kong. In addition to that, have a taste of their healthy vegan Thai, or go for the excellent curry!

4 top bars


Boadas Cocteleria

Boadas is a place you cannot miss if you’re in Barcelona. The bar was founded in 1933 and is known to be serving some of the best drinks in the city. It offers a modern Spanish cocktail bar experience. Their dry martini and their Moscow Mule are excellent, as well as all their other classics! And if you cannot decide which cocktail you’d like, or if you don’t find one quite to your liking, don’t hesitate to ask the staff and they’ll create one especially for you! It is a great place to spend some time, relax and enjoy. Although they do not serve food, you’ll find plenty of. amazing places nearby if you’re looking for something to eat.

Ideal Cocktail Bar

If you love the charm of ancient-looking interiors, then this bar is the one for you. The furniture is mainly wooden antiques, and the cocktails are ideal for a night out. They will serve you with the perfect concoction that will help you let loose and put your worries aside for the night. This place is all about the classics, with staff members usually dressed in white jackets. It is a classy bar to enjoy your evenings in Barcelona!


Paradiso is Barcelona’s modern answer to the speakeasy concept. It is located behind a fridge door in a pastrami shop. Cocktails are served in a very satisfying over-the-top fashion: smoke, dry ice, fire, and whatnot will add an element of “extraordinaire” to your drink of choice. Moreover, their menu offers seasonal delights made with ingredients coming directly from the Santa Caterina market. This dramatic and dimly lit bar will guarantee you a spectacular night in the city!


Negroni is a beautiful bar in Barcelona with a perfect amalgam of classic cocktails and contemporary designs. The dark colors of the place makes it look mysterious, and who wouldn’t want a night full of surprises?

Behind the bar, you will find a mixologist at your service, ready to prepare your favorite drink. Just talk to the expert, and you will be served with one of the best drinks you’ll ever taste in no time.


Of course, these are only a few of the amazing places you can try out in Barcelona. Check out the TWISPER app to discover many others thanks to your friends’ and our community’s recommendations!

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