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By Julian Canlas - 4 min read

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9 most drool-worthy restaurants to try in Paris


Paris is a sophisticated city with plenty of options for different adventures. If you want something more unusual than exploring famous landmarks in the city, there are hiking trails near Paris that you can visit.

After the adventure, you can always go back to your pretty flat in Paris and think about where to eat after hours of trekking under the French sun. It’s normal to be hungry as a wolf after a long hike. You may feel like wanting to feast on all your favorite meals, and that’s completely fine.

Being a center for gastronomic pleasures, Paris is an overwhelming city for foodies. If you want an excellent munch after a day’s hike, then this list is for you. Here are some of the most amazing restaurants in Paris to gain back your energy.

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      1. Beefbar Paris

      Being in an elegant city like Paris, expect plenty of classy restaurants to welcome you in times of great starvation.

      The Beefbar Paris may look all dazzling and upscale, but you’d be surprised to know that they serve casual street food, perfect for an after-hike meal. It has gained popularity over the years for its pleasant vibe and amazing array of satisfying meals.

      2. Astair

      If you want something that gives off a more casual vibe, especially when you’re all soaked with sweat from your recent hiking trip, the Astair is for you.

      Despite its casual vibe, the Astair is home to three of French’s most innovative restaurateurs, Jean Valfort, Charles Drouhaut, and Jean-Francois Monfort. And in Paris, casual isn’t casual because it’s still brimming with sophistication.

      3. Jòia

      Continue your happy streak by dining at Joia, which translates to “joyous”. While hiking can amp up your endorphins, eating at Chef Helene Darroze’s restaurant is all about having the best time while eating.

      Its sunny, colorful ambiance makes it the perfect place to chill after a tiring nature trip.

      4. Girafe

      When we say Paris, we instantly think of exquisite art. In a city like this, you can find galleries everywhere you look. You can even find art in almost every corner in the city.

      Girafe boasts its beautiful art decorations and its sumptuous seafood menu. It also has a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower that you and your date can enjoy.

      5. L’Abysse

      We all deserve a treat after going through a laborious trip to the mountains. And if that means eating at a 3 Michelin star restaurant, then we’re here for it!

      The L’Abysse on the ground floor of the Pavillon Ledoyen is a Japanese restaurant that serves one of the best sushi in the world. It’s even part of the world’s 50 best restaurants, so if that isn’t enough to lure you into this sunny haven after your Paris hike, we don’t know what else will.

      6. Lasserre

      Sometimes, when we’re all too flushed because of an enjoyable hike, we want to relax and be someplace where we can eat to our heart’s desire.

      One of the most romantic places you can run to after all the running, trekking and climbing is the Lasserre within the Champs-Elysees quarter in the 8th arrondissement. It’s a glamorous restaurant that will make you feel like you’re taken care of with lots of comfort food. There are even a door-man and a lady that will help you take off your coat!

      7. Taillevent

      Glass after glass of wine after a long-ass hike? Yes, please!

      The Taillevent will indulge you with their extensive collection of fantastic wine paired with a menu that’s hard to resist. This two Michelin-starred restaurant has been consistently the talk of the town among showbiz and political personalities, and that’s for a plethora of good reasons.

      8. Froufrou

      If you feel the vintage vibe, the Froufrou in Paris will embrace you right into their glamorous 50s.

      This restaurant is all about customization. If you feel like indulging yourself with plates of meat and bottles of boozy nature, especially when you’re extra tired from the hike and want good food, Froufrou will give it to you with pleasure.

      The interiors of this restaurant will also make you want to stay here longer! Sparkling chandeliers, thick curtains, and impressive wall designs are enough reasons to attract hungry hikers.

      9. Ducasse sur Seine

      There’s no other way to end your hiking trip than dinner at one of the best cruises in Paris. Ducasse Sur Seine belongs to the most decorated Michelin star chef in the world— Alain Ducasse.

      To have your dinner while cruising down the historic Seine is a beautiful way to cap off your day full of adventure. Not to mention enjoying a skillfully-prepared spread of French cuisine right in front of you.

      Many would jump aboard the cruise in a heartbeat just because it’s a tempting experience to try.


      And the list goes on.

      Life’s too short to think about all the calories you have burned during the entire hike, only to gain them back again when you eat like a king right after. Who’s to blame? There are plenty of drool-worthy restaurants in Paris that will help you refuel your energy.


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