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Become an influencer on TWISPER

The TWISPER community is always on the lookout for new restaurants, hotels and bars to try out around the world. We are travelers and foodies who love to share our favorite places and discover new ones to visit through personal recommendations. That’s why TWISPER is looking for new influencers to join the app and share their expertise with the community.

On the TWISPER app, influencers include travelers, foodies, bloggers, lifestyle experts and people with amazing places to recommend and positive experiences to share.

Do you fit the profile? Then you should definitely join our family of influencers 😉


Why become a TWISPER influencer?

Take advantage of a fast-growing platform

In just a few months, TWISPER has attracted an extremely large number of people from all around the globe. Our tight-knit community of users and their friends loves to engage a lot more with influencers than on other social media channels.

By joining the app as an influencer now, you will be one of the first to reach thousands of foodies and travelers eager to follow you and see your personal recommendations.

This is the perfect opportunity to grow your personal brand on a fast-growing social network.

Offer added value to your followers

TWISPER is the social media for foodies, travelers and everyone else who just love to go out to restaurants, hotels and bars. This is the perfect mobile app to share your recommended places around the world. Your followers will want to see your recommendations!

No more going through posts dating back 3 years to find that fancy restaurant, dreamy hotel or trendy bar that you suggested ages ago. Your followers will be able to easily see and save the places you recommend around the world to try them out later or during their next trip.


How to become a TWISPER influencer?

Becoming an influencer has never been simpler! It only takes 3 quick steps:

  1. Download the TWISPER app for free.
  2. Create your account (using your name or influencer/personal brand name).
  3. Contact us at @twisperofficial on Instagram or Facebook, or via email at social@twisper.com

⚠️ Do hurry to ask for your influencer profile now! The app is growing fast and we will soon be adding thresholds and requirements to become a TWISPER influencer.

So, head over to TWISPER and start sharing your favorite places with us! Our community is waiting for you 💛


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