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By Julian Canlas - 6 min read

Best restaurants in Annecy for a foodie tour


Want to find the best restaurants in Annecy for a great eating out experience? If you’re planning to visit the Venice of the Alps, then you’ve made the right choice. From places to relish the atmosphere in the old town to lakeside restaurants with breath-taking views of Lake Annecy, here are my best restaurants in Annecy to visit.

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      Have a brunch next to Palais de l’isle at Crêperies Glaces

      Best restaurants in Annecy - Cappucino at Creperies Glaces

      Best restaurants in Annecy – Cappucino at Creperies Glaces

      When it comes to photos of Annecy’s old town, two things always show up, its beautiful canals and a tower-like structure situated right in the center of the canal that’s shaped like a ship. This is the Palais de l’isle, which has a bit of a gloomy history.

      Between the 12th and 14th century, this used to be a prison house, and you can visit the courtrooms, prison cells, dungeons and the old chapel as part of a tour.

      But anyway! This shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this beautiful spot that’s particularly exquisite during a sunny day. I also loved my experience at the Creperie Glaces, which has a terrace with the view of the Palais de l’isle.

      Contrary to what its name may seem to imply, this place also serves full meals and brunch options. You can take a full English or French breakfast. But then again, they have an excellent choice of savory crêpes, so I would recommend those instead! Ugh, and their cappuccino also has a creamy foam and a recognizable espresso taste. Perfect to start the day with.

      Casa Santa Clara is an amazing tapas bar in the old town

      Now, I was pleasantly surprised by Casa Santa Clara, a tapas bar situated smack in the middle of the old town. This bar was referred to me by the folks at Captain Pub, a gastropub, after I asked them about a good nearby bar that had an excellent selection of refreshing cocktails, and this place didn’t disappoint! Quick service, a festive atmosphere in the evenings, signature cocktails and home-made tapas. During a hot afternoon in Annecy, what more do you want?

      Despite its very central location, it’s still a bit of a hidden gem, in my opinion. I’m not completely sure why… maybe it’s because it’s not next to the canals? But I’m betting on this place getting more popular, as it gets word-of-mouth traction, so better visit it fast when it’s up-and-coming!

      For great beers and delish meals, choose Captain Pub

      I have to give additional points to the folks at Captain Pub for introducing me to Casa Santa Clara and letting me and my friends indulge in some afternoon bar hopping. This pub is also a great place to have a pint — they seriously have an impressive selection of ales — and darn good food. This is really a great pub in Annecy to have a cheeseburger for main, ice cream for dessert, and beer throughout. Perfect for a diet-busting summer vacation.

      Cafe des Arts is a cafe many people consider to be a second home

      Cafe des Arts is a bit of a bohemian spot in the old town, and the prices aren’t as steep as the other touristy places in the area. My favorite spot here is the terrace, which is quirky and full of oddballs and hipster-type people that consider this place a second home. Sometimes, the place has live music nights outside the bar. On a side-note, I love the speculoos here.

      Check out Pierre Gay, a cheese institution

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      Annecy is known for its cheese, and Pierre Gay is an institution for all things cheese. If the kitschy photos of Pierre Gay don’t compel you to visit this fromagerie, let me tell you that he has the finest selection of cheese. The staff were also super friendly when I was asking them about their best cheeses for dessert. Of course, for those on a diet this may not be the safest place. But that’s the price to pay for a great foodie experience.

      Eat Michelin-starred food at La Ciboulette

      Situated in the old neighborhood of Cour du Pré Carré in the outskirts of Annecy, La Ciboulette is a Michelin-starred restaurant with high-quality French dining at its finest. Think amuse bouche consisting of chestnut cream and pumpkin vélouté topped with pumpkin seeds, crispy frog legs or squab for starters and lamb with the tastiest mini potato ravioli stuffed with mushrooms. If you have the budget, I highly recommend this place.

      Restaurants next to the Annecy lake

      Did you know that the Annecy lake is one of the cleanest in Europe? In fact, the water is so clear that you can see sediment being pulled up by the boats that go through! The lake is also very expansive and beautiful to look at, so it only makes sense that you’d want to eat somewhere with a view of it. Without further ado, here are my best restaurants in Annecy with a lakeside view.

      Eat on a boat on Lake Annecy at Le Libellule

      Want to dine on a cruise? Head over to Le Libellule! Situated close to the old town, this boat restaurant serves refined dishes, and the service is fast and impeccable, probably due to it being a popular spot.

      For a panoramic view of Lake Annecy and the city, go to Belvedere

      At Belvedere, there’s a dining room with a stunning panoramic view of the lake. They serve refined dishes that balance each other out in terms of taste and texture. During summer, I recommend trying out their seasonal menu that includes fresh local fish steamed with a pepper cream and fresh aubergines harvested in the season. I personally love their moelleux au chocolat with coconut cream. Finally, the staff was very accommodating, which is always a nice plus.

      Eat next to the lake at Le Petit Paradis

      When you’re at Le Petit Paradis, you’re in paradise. Bad puns aside, this lakeside restaurant is located in Plage d’Angon and has a view of the lake. Le Petit Paradis, in itself, feels cosy. It kind of reminds me of a Canadian cottage and a well-decorated fisherman’s shack… that has a view of the Alps. It also has delicious food at affordable prices, so you’re really paying for the view. Small caveat though: you’re going to have to take the train from Annecy to reach this place.

      Le Cottage Bise is for the gourmet epicureans

      Located in the heart of Talloires, Le Cottage Bise is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in food that is inventive, fresh and unique. This is the perfect place for the epicureans at heart, who love to eat well and have a magnificent view of Lake Annecy. The recipes here have been passed down across generations of the Bise family. Like Le Petit Paradis, this isn’t really in Annecy, so you’re going to have to take the train to get there.

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