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Brunch places to try out in Amsterdam


Having lived in the Netherlands for over four years, I have to admit that no Dutch city compares to Amsterdam! Many locals avoid it because of the insanely high number of tourists that visit it every day… but it is one of my favorite cities because of its culture, its atmosphere, and especially its incredible food scene. Any food you can think of, you can get there.

In the past few years, brunch has become extremely popular in the Netherlands, and countless stunning cafes and restaurants have been popping out all over Amsterdam. Trust me, Amsterdamers really know how to do brunch, and as a brunch lover myself, I couldn’t help but try out as many places as I could. Here are a few of my favorites!


De Bakkerswinkel

De Bakkerswinkel has become so popular in the Netherlands that it has opened several locations throughout the country. In Amsterdam, you’ll find one in the center, south and western parts of the city, and any one of these locations will do for an amazing brunch!

The place is a sort of bakery/cafe that serves brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. I just love their cozy rustic atmosphere with an industrial vibe… and they have some of the best cakes in the city. They also serve delicious sandwiches, soups and coffee, but the thing you absolutely must try if you ever visit them is their freshly baked scones! Coming directly from the oven to your plate, they are the best you’ll ever have (in Amsterdam at least). They are warm and fluffy, and taste even better with the homemade jam or lemon curd that comes with them. Please do yourself a favor and try them, I promise you won’t regret it!


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In addition to being a real Instagrammer paradise, Pluk is an excellent brunch place in Amsterdam! It is quite famous among locals and tourists, so I would advise arriving a bit early to make sure you find a table.

Upon entering the place, you’re overwhelmed with the sweet scent of the cakes and pastries that are beautifully decorated and displayed at the counter. Take your time to admire them all and make your choice from the selection and from the menu before ordering at the counter. Unicorn açai bowls, healthy avocado toasts, fluffy vegan pancakes, delicious eggs benedict, etc. The fresh atmosphere of the bright room and the food transport you to one of those trendy beach cafes in California.

At Pluk, you can also find stylish accessories, tableware, furniture, candles, stationery, etc., which all fit very well with the décor. They even opened an online store and ship their stunning products worldwide, which is perfect if your suitcase is full, or if you don’t have the opportunity to visit their place!


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The Avocado Show

Avocado lovers, this is the spot for you! The Avocado Show is the first all-avocado restaurant to open in Amsterdam. They serve what they call “Pretty healthy food”, which according to them means “visually stunning and delicious dishes made with love from nutritious, sustainable avocados” (The Avocado Show). Their avocados are sustainably grown, picked, packed and transported for guilt-free consumption.

Some items on their menu will really surprise you. Have a taste of their surprising avocado fries, their breadless burger with avocado buns, and their peanut butter avocado ice cream. You should really try these out at least once in your life! It’s a great place for brunch, but you can get your avocado fix there anytime. They even have avocado cocktails if you’re visiting them later in the day.

The online shop has really cool avocado merch, including a nice cookbook with all their recipes! A great souvenir for all the foodies out there.


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The Pancake Club (formerly De Vier Pilaren)

While you’re in Amsterdam, why not get some local specialties for brunch? The big, thick Dutch pancakes and the small puffy poffertjes are staples of Dutch cuisine, and there is no better place than The Pancake Club to try them out! Many say it’s the best pancake house of the capital, and although I cannot say that I’ve tried them all, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Located near the water, The Pancake Club was recently entirely rebuilt with glass windows that offer an amazing view of the canals. While their savory and sweet pancakes are really good, I highly recommend you order a plate of their poffertjes! They are prepared in the traditional copper pans over a fire and are some of the most delicious I’ve ever had.


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Mr. Stacks

If you’re more into American pancakes, visit Mr. Stacks for the craziest pancake stacks in Amsterdam. Their menu is all vegan and the savory and sweet stacks you can choose from are very special…

Amongst their savory items, the plant-based tacos stack is a real treat, but my personal favorite is the cinnamon rollercoaster stack. The spiciness of the cinnamon, the sweetness of the cotton candy and the thick frosting that melts in your mouth: it’s my childhood on a plate! Another great feature of their menu is their iced teas. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better to accompany your stack.


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At Œuf the concept is simple: enjoy eggs in all their forms. Omelet, poached eggs, fried, boiled, in a croissant or in a sandwich, or covered in a creamy hollandaise sauce, any type of egg is available at Œuf! And the best part: they are open all day so you can have your eggs not only for brunch, but whenever you want. It’s an ideal place for those who love breakfast food.

The place itself is the best for a slow Sunday morning. Bright, soft colors and a chilled atmosphere… They even have the cutest salt and pepper shakers in the shape of an egg!


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In Amsterdam, Cecconi’s is probably better known as a great Italian restaurant. But on Sundays, the place organizes a weekly “Feast Brunch”, which involves a huge buffet with the most delicious and fresh Italian products! Mozzarella that melts in your mouth, pizza with really soft dough, amazing pastas, etc.

Located in a 1930s building, the restaurant is a real gem. The sunlight shines through the beautiful hanging plants that cover the ceiling, giving the place a relaxing garden-like ambiance. The classy furniture and the warm lightning add a modern but cozy touch to the overall décor. This place is a haven from the touristic hustle and bustle of the city.


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Dignita is an all-day brunch spot in Amsterdam! They have two locations in the city, but I would really advise you to check out the one in the Hoftuin gardens. Located in the center of the city and surrounded by nature, the place has huge glass walls that create an almost seamless transition from the gardens to the cafe. It’s a relaxing place that becomes even prettier when the sun comes out.

Dignita promotes responsible and sustainable production and consumption for a healthy lifestyle. Their dishes reflect the beautiful surroundings: fresh organic products and herbs on every plate, with colorful edible flowers highlight it all, bringing the beauty of the gardens to your dish. In the same spirit, the menu changes according to the seasons and to the ingredients available during each of them, offering a twist on the classic brunch!


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Staring at Jacob

Staring at Jacob is the place where aficionados of a good American Brunch all go in Amsterdam! The restaurant has an industrial, cool New York vibe, that immediately makes you feel comfortable.

The star of the menu is the amazing chicken & waffles; so popular in America but so rarely found in Europe. This dish is the perfect combination of sweet and savory! But what I personally love about the menu is that everyone will find something to their liking: vegan brunch with delicious tofu scramble, vegetarian buttermilk pancakes with tons of veggies, and for the meat lovers, a classic American breakfast with bacon, sausages, eggs, etc. It is a place that unites all to enjoy an agreeable brunch time. Of course, there are many other appetizing options on their menu, so they really cater to every taste!


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Little Collins

This brunch place was named after Melbourne’s Little Collins Street where trendy hidden bars and fancy hip restaurants and cafes line up along the street. You can find both international and local cuisine coming together to create great diversity in the establishments.

Referring to the Australian street, the Little Collins of Amsterdam offers a brunch that involves ingredients from all over the world: chistorra sausages from Spain, kimchi from Korea, guasacaca (sauce similar to guacamole) from Central America, etc. The restaurant celebrates the diversity of cultures and gathers them all in one place. Their dishes are originals and are very different from what you can get for a traditional brunch. It’s a great place if you’re looking for an exquisite change!


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Here you go! I hope this list will help you pick out the brunches you want to try out while you’re in Amsterdam. This city is full of great places and the number of options can be quite overwhelming, but I can assure you that you cannot go wrong with these 10 spots. So, I hope you add them on TWISPER and turn these “try-outs” into “favorites”!

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