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By Arslan Hassan - 5 min read

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Camping in Dubai: 9 places for a night under the stars

We all need an escape from the monotony of our daily lives once in a while. What’s better than getting away from the fast-paced and loud city life and heading into the wilderness? Tempting weather, the smell of the campfire, and a night under the stars will make you forget most of your worries, even if just for a night!

Dubai is known for its tall buildings and the hustle-bustle of city life, but there’s much more to it. Camping under a blanket of moonlight and a sky full of stars, far away from technology, can be an unforgettable and delightful experience.

There are several places for camping surrounding Dubai, amidst the isolated deserts and serene beaches. Here are a few camping grounds if you’re looking to relax and appreciate nature during your vacation to Dubai:

Al Aqah Beach Camping

Al Aqah Beach is where the desert meets the sea, or so we have heard. It’s located in Fujairah, a 3-hour drive from Dubai. There are hundreds of kilometers worth of camping spots for you to start your camping trip. It’s one of the UAE’s most famous beaches, so it should be on top of your list if you’re visiting Dubai.

Be sure to check the tide forecast before you make your way to Al Aqah and find a comfortable spot near the sea to enjoy both the desert and sea life. There are tons of activities to do around here other than camping, i.e., diving, kayaking, and snorkeling, etc. You can lay out your camp and enjoy a delicious meal with a mesmerizing sunset in front of you.

Al Qudra Lakes Camping Area

Al Qudra Lakes is another popular spot for tourists, as the lake is beautiful beyond imagination. It is located only about 30 minutes from the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. Al Qudra Lakes is the home to a huge number of reptiles and different species of birds, so if you are a fan of wildlife, this might be the perfect spot for you.

You can have a picnic by the lakes and camp out near the heart-shaped lake called Love Lake, which also has the word ‘love’ carved out by plants and trees. Therefore, this camping spot is the perfect option for a romantic night under the stars, surrounded by a beautiful oasis.

Sunset Beach at Umm Al Quwain

The Umm Al Quwain Beach, about an hour away from Dubai, is another great spot to pitch your tent. You can enjoy all the vacation and beach activities you can think of here. Set up your tent anywhere on the beach or near the shoreline to wake up to the sound of the ocean, but be careful of the big waves that are common here.

You can go full Bear Grylls here and visit the fishing villages that can be seen from the beach to get your dinner ready and cook by the beautiful shoreline, providing you with the perfect view. Camping here is an adventure in itself.

Camping Spot at Fujairah Beach

Fujairah is another popular tourist destination about 2 hours’ drive from Dubai. It gets easily crowded on the weekends as it is one of the best places for desert camping. Plan a weekday trip to Fujairah Beach to enjoy the amazing mountain views and a peaceful beach.

Pitching your tent here is very convenient and affordable. You can explore and enjoy the deep-sea marine life as well and have a memorable experience that you will look back on with a smile on your face.

Hayaneh Camping Site in Ras Al-Khaimah

The Hayaneh Camping Site is located under the shadow of the Jebel Al Jais, the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, and it makes the perfect spot for a camping trip from Dubai. The local people call it the “Grand Canyon” because of its height and naturally formed size that’s breathtaking and a phenomenon in itself.

If you have an adventurous nature, this spot is perfect for a hiking trip as the track is quite smooth. You can camp out here to enjoy the breathtaking views of valleys and mountains all around you for the perfect night under the sky.

Banan Beach

The Banan Beach is situated in Jebel Ali, an hour away from Dubai, and is a cozy place for some daytime camping. It’s a rare and perfect find if you want to have the proper camping experience alongside all the needed luxuries.

Banan Beach is ideal for overnight camping and to have a perfect night under a sky full of stars that guarantees a peaceful sleep.

Hatta Camping Site

If you’re not a fan of crowded places full of tourists, then the Hatta camping site is the perfect spot for you. It is secluded and isolated, an hour and a half’s drive from the hustle and bustle of the city, and will make you appreciate the beauty of nature in all it’s glory. While you are camping in the Hatta mountain range, you can also check out the famous Hatta Dam and enjoy Kayaking as well. You may need to rent a 4×4 to reach this rocky camping site.

Bedouin Oasis Camp

If you’re new to camping and can’t be bothered to plan every detail and put a lot of effort, then Bedouin Camp is the perfect place for you. Located in the Ras Al Khaimah desert, Bedouin guarantees a wonderful and unique experience.

Camping at this place is perfect as there are professionals around who help you have the time of your life by providing every luxury known to man. Although it is a camp, the Bedouin camps have all the luxuries and services of a five star hotel. From room service to carpet cleaning services, you can expect anything here.

The campsite is surrounded by majestic dunes and gives you the option to choose from several entertainments filled activities to make your time here worth it.

Yas Island Camping & Fishing Spot in Abu Dhabi

The Yas Island Beach is a white sand beach near the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. You can have the perfect camping experience at this picturesque beach. A resort borders the camping site so you can enjoy a fine dining experience, water sports, and sun-bathing as well. You can enjoy a serene camping experience flooded with nature that you’ll remember all your life.

Camp under the stars in these 9 exquisite locations around Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most famous vacation spots if you’re a fan of all the blinding lights and tall buildings, but there’s more to life in the UAE. If you get bored with the same views, you can have the perfect experience away from everyone in the heart of beautiful deserts in the world that are made for camping.

A night under the stars with some marshmallows roasting and sipping hot cocoa in winters will be a night you never forget. Download TWISPER to discover more inspiration for your next trip!

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