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By Josie Hough - 5 min read

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Cheap eats to travel Europe on a budget

We know that a lot of European cities can be really expensive and it’s hard to find good food at restaurants that fit your budget! But that’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy great food while you’re traveling.

At TWISPER, we believe that eating out doesn’t have to break the bank and that everyone should be able to indulge in delicious meals out! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of cheap eats and budget restaurants in Europe so you can eat out without spending a fortune.

And you know what, when doing the research for this article, we were surprised how many amazing affordable restaurants there really are out there. All of these restaurants (and many, many more) are on TWISPER, so you can save them to your Try Outs for your next trip to these cities.

There’s no excuse for not eating out ever again! 🍲

Make the most of the menu of the day

Menu du jour, menú del día… these magical words may well have caught your eye at restaurants across Europe. Or more specifically, the price has. These excellent deals – usually served at lunchtime from Monday to Friday – consist of a multi-course meal and often a drink too. Quality varies, but when you find a good one, you’re hooked for life. Take Gatblau in Barcelona. For between 11 and 14 euros, you can get two courses of delicious, local, sustainable food plus a drink – sounds like a great deal to us!

Another fantastic option is Cornucopia in Dublin. Ireland’s oldest vegetarian restaurant offers similar lunch specials. Choose from soups, salads and wraps with a drink for under 12 euros or get a heartier main meal plus two side salads for 15 euros.

We don’t believe there’s no such thing as a free lunch

The legend of free food with your drink is real in Spain, guys. And, it turns out, in Italy too! Other a beer or tinto de verano – which in most Spanish cities won’t cost you more than a couple of euros – and more often than not you’ll be handed a tapa too, a little plate with a snack on. Sometimes it’s chips or olives, sometimes it’s a small open sandwich called a montadito, sometimes it’s patatas bravas. And then there are places like Entre Cáceres y Badajoz in Madrid, where after a couple of drinks you’ll have eaten an entire meal of paella, chorizo and whatever else is cooking. Go hungry! 🍻

Rome isn’t the cheapest city to eat in Europe. However, work up an appetite for around 6 pm and you’ll be loving life for aperitivo hour. Buy a drink, get access to a mouth-watering buffet of Italian delights. We recommend the one at Freniefrizoni, which is located just by the river in Trastevere. Treat yourself to a cocktail for less than 10 euros and go to town on their excellent selection of pasta, salad, hummus, bread and more 🤤

Fill your boots at an all-you-can-eat buffet

Unlimited buffets can be a really good way to eat well on a budget. Leave behind any buffet preconceptions you may have and make your way instead to RizRaz in Copenhagen. In a city otherwise known for its eye-wateringly high prices, you can fill your plate again and again with fresh vegetarian goodness from the Mediterranean buffet. While, at around 17 euros (13 for lunch!), it may seem expensive in comparison to other cities, this is a great deal for Denmark. Convinced that all-you-can-eat is the way forward? You’ll find Chinese restaurants across the UK and in other European cities with unlimited buffets for under a tenner – great for an indulgent weekend treat!

Cheap and cheerful snacks on the street

OK, so these aren’t the place to go for a sit-down meal, but if you need something quick and easy – or if it’s a nice day and you want to eat your meal in the park – head to a street food stand. Bitzinger Würstelstand Albertina’s typical Viennese sausages are hugely popular amongst locals and visitors alike. You can get a hot dog for less than 5 euros and delicious fries for half that 😋

If you’re in Berlin, you may well already know of Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab. At just a few euros for a tasty and filling kebab – with plenty of vegetarian options available – this is a must-visit on your list of cheap eats in Germany.

Great food with a great price tag

Sometimes you don’t need discounts, buffets and free tapas. Some places just serve really, really good food at really, really good prices. Chutnify, a small chain of restaurants in Berlin and in Portugal, serves mouth-watering modern Indian food for non-eye-watering prices. Then, there’s Spang Makandra in Amsterdam, whose cheap and cheerful Surinamese cuisine is so good it was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover.

We also love a good burrito bar. Most cities in Europe have a handful of these delicious eateries with a range of Tex-Mex goodies for a great price. Dolores Mitte in Berlin is a favorite – get a massive burrito for under 6 euros. For that price, you can get chips too 😉

And finally, you can plan a trip to Paris and stay within budget! Experience a traditional Parisian brasserie at Bouillon Julien, where you can enjoy typical French food at resolutely affordable prices. Then mix things up and indulge in incredible organic vegan cuisine at Jah Jah by Le Tricycle. Get the delicious breakfast enchiladas or healthy bowls to keep you full for the day!

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Who’s now planning their next meal out? We hope this list has inspired you to add a few budget eateries to your Try Outs list.

If we haven’t mentioned your city, don’t worry! There’s plenty more to discover on TWISPER, the social app with only positive recommendations. Download the app now to discover your new favorite places to eat, sleep and drink.

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