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By Josie Hough - 5 min read

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Cocktail bars in London to shake up your night out

Shake up – or stir, we’re no James Bond – your night out with a drink at one of the hottest cocktail bars in London. Get inspired for London Cocktail Week and beyond…

Curfew who? If you have to be home by 10, you may as well make those minutes out count. Get dressed up and go order your favorite tipple at one of these excellent bars in the capital.

From after-work drinks to a first date to Saturday night with friends, check out our top recommendations for excellent cocktail bars in London.

For cocktail aficionados

These London cocktail bars are for the discerning mixology fans among you. When you want a bartender who really knows their stuff, head to one of the following…

Tayēr + Elementary

A gift to cocktail lovers everywhere from two of the world’s leading mixologists, Tayēr + Elementary in Shoreditch is a bar of two halves. Designed to be a more laid-back daytime drinking spot, Elementary is where you start. Here, simple cocktails from an ever-changing menu are served from pre-batched bottles or from the slushy machine alongside excellent snacks (their katsu sando is as big a hit as the drinks). Past Elementary, you’ll reach Tayēr. Take a seat at the bar wrapped around a central island and watch the experts mix up a storm. If you’re still not convinced, this one’s also a favorite of award-winning bartender and TWISPER Ambassador Erik Lorincz.


Speaking of Lorincz, the Slovakian bartender’s hotly-anticipated venue Kwānt (pronounced quaint) is next on our list of cocktail bars in London. And it’s on everyone else’s too. Having earned his stripes at the Savoy’s American Bar, Lorincz has successfully opened his own place. Hidden underground in Mayfair, this elegant bar gives 70s tiki bar meets speakeasy meets North African restaurant vibes. With exquisitely creative drinks, it’s easy to see why Kwañt has been quickly been acclaimed as one of the world’s best bars 🍸


Nothing says “I can do better” like being named the world’s best bar and closing a couple of days later. And that’s exactly what the creator of award-winning Dandelyan, Mr Lyan, did. In its place is his latest venture: Lyaness. Within the simplistic, stylish décor and ideal location in South Bank’s Sea Containers Hotel, Team Lyan create their fantastic concoctions. Emphasis is placed on innovative drinks made with weird and wonderful ingredients. We’ll try the Old Fashioned with organic candlewax and the Rock Pool Sazerac with limestone absinthe, please.

For the ‘gram

Whether you’re a lover of beautiful décor, speakeasy venues or stunning views, jazz up your feed with a couple of drinks at these aesthetically pleasing cocktail bars in London 📸

The Coral Room

Stepping into this grand Instagram-perfect salon, you soon realize why it’s called The Coral Room. Surrounded by gleaming gold, leafy palms and candy-colored walls, you’ll feel like you’re in the latest Wes Anderson. Their extensive cocktail menu is matched only by their list of sparkling wines from all over England. Move over, eat local – let’s drink local 🥂

The Blind Pig

Who doesn’t love a secret bar? This one is seriously well hidden. Upstairs from the Michelin-starred Social Eating House, behind a door bearing a vintage “Optician” sign and a blindfolded pig for a doorknocker, is The Blind Pig. Dimly lit and filled with retro furniture, it lives up to its name – the Prohibition-era term for an illicit boozer. Just to keep you on your toes, the menu is another wonderful surprise with creative cocktails all inspired by children’s literature.

Searcys at the Gherkin

There seems to be a never-ending list of rooftop bars in London these days, but this one is definitely one for your bucket list. Located on floor 40 of the Gherkin, Searcys looks out over the city through floor-to-ceiling glass. And if that wasn’t enough of the capital for you, its cocktail list is inspired by London too. Jack the Ripper anyone?

For a taste of summer

Canceled trip to the Caribbean? Who cares! Get your vacation fix and forget you’re in London at these cocktail hotspots 🍹

Trailer Happiness

Portobello Road’s answer to tropical paradise, Trailer Happiness has been bringing its tiki twist to London since 2003. The entire menu – both Trailer H’s creations and cocktail classics – maintains the vacay vibe. Hands up who dares to try their Zombie with us 🧟

Nine Lives

If the Northern line brought you to southern California, you’d end up at Nine Lives. Palm fronds as far as the eye can see, mind-blowing cocktails and equally killer tacos make this our favorite London Bridge hidden gem.

Laki Kane

Exquisite Thai food and spectacular cocktails served in glasses you’ll definitely want to take home are the kicker at Laki Kane. This Islington bar uses all natural, unrefined sugars to give you a true taste of paradise without leaving London.

For lovers of the weird and wonderful

You’ve tasted award-winning cocktails. You’ve marveled at panoramic London vistas. You’ve visited every secret bar. Here’s where to drink next…

Ladies and Gentlemen

Where weirder than a former public bathroom to enjoy a drink of an evening? Head below ground to Ladies and Gentlemen in Kentish Town to experience one of the most unusual cocktail bars in London. And if you can’t face drinking inside, they do their excellent cocktails to take away too 😉

ABQ at Hackney Funhouse

The world’s first immersive molecular cocktail cooking experience awaits you at ABQ. Get kitted out with masks and aprons, enter an RV and start brewing your own drinks with the acids and alcohols provided 🧪 They also do award-winning pizza – sign us up!


Travel back in time to this 1940s themed bar in an abandoned train station in Soho 🧳 Indulge in black market liquor and classic favorite cocktails served in vintage milk bottles and tins. Wartime rationed snacks and carefully picked antiquities complete the unique cocktail bar experience at Cahoots.

Download TWISPER for more recommendations

We hope you’ve enjoyed our definitely non-exhaustive list of amazing cocktail bars in London. There are so many more we could add to our bucket list. Thankfully they’re all on TWISPER, the social app with only positive recommendations, so you can save them there to try next time! ❤️

If that wasn’t enough reason to download the app, you’ll also find expert recommendations from our partners on there, including the world-renowned Erik Lorincz. Follow him now on TWISPER to discover his recommendations for places to eat, sleep and drink around the world.

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