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By Ibn Shakoor - 5 min read

Coolest hostels in the world

If you’re traveling, you want to make sure wherever you’re staying for the duration of your trip is an excellent place. By cool, we don’t only mean a nice bedroom or bathroom. We also mean the general ambiance of the hostel and the things it has to offer to spice up your adventures in a foreign land. Hostels can really bring something unique to the table. We’ve got you covered with this list of some of the world’s most unique and coolest hostels that stand out. If you want to have a fun and relaxing time at hostels that are different than your regular ones, these are the places for you!

The Beehive Hostel, Rome, Italy

A couple started this remarkable place in Los Angeles and moved it from there to Rome in 1999. They created what we now know as “The Beehive Hostel“. The buildings there are incredibly colorful, vibrant and stylish – a nice change from the standard architecture. Not only that, but the location of the hostel makes it all that much better as an option to consider.
The basement lounge and café offer a tranquil environment in the middle of a hectic city. So, this makes the hostel appealing if you want to spare some quiet and easy-going moments in the heart of Rome. You can enjoy a warm communal environment at the lounge. They even have a Bali-inspired oasis garden that provides a nice refreshing touch to your hostel experience. It’s one of the coolest and most exciting hostels you can find out there and it has a fantastic staff to take care of you.

Pop Art Hostel, Belgrade, Serbia

This is perhaps the coolest and most uniquely designed hostel in all of Serbia. Its modern and retro look make it very attractive for travelers — for those who want to stay at a place with amazing vibes. The unique thing about this hostel that sets it apart from many others is that it’s also a museum. You can find tons of art made by local artists and references to different pop culture personalities in each bedroom’s artwork. This means that the hostel’s uniqueness even goes as far as its bedrooms. If you’re looking for a cool art-filled hostel with fun references to pop culture, then the Pop Art Hostel is the coolest place for you.

Railway Square YHA, Sydney, Australia

Now, this is something that would please anyone looking for a truly unique and extraordinary experience. Particularly those who enjoyed model train sets as children. At the Railway square YHA you can rent out a railway carriage in the center of Sydney. The hostel is within walking distance of some of the main attractions in Sydney. People often say that this place has one of the best “backpacker” vibes compared to the other hostels in the city. The warm and lively sitting areas make it easy to meet new people and travelers. And of course, what makes this hotel so unique is that you can stay in an actual train carriage! This provides for a genuinely cool experience that truly stands out.

The Beagle Houseboat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

As the name suggests, this incredibly unique hostel is located on a boat. The Beagle Houseboat only offers one room with amenities available for a maximum of four people. That’s right! And this small houseboat is an excellent option for all travelers, alone or with friends. Given the limited capacity to host people, you might find it hard to get a spot, but it’s a unique and fun way to spend a few nights. The room has several large windows and provides unique picturesque views over the dock, which is surrounded by many historical and architecturally amusing buildings and museums. Size doesn’t matter here if you’re looking for a fantastic place to spend your nights in Amsterdam!

Pak-Up Hostel, Krabi Town, Thailand

This place was once a school that was later repurposed as a hostel. Because of what it has to offer, it’s considered one of Asia’s best. The Pak-Up hostel is a vibrant and very modern place in the heart of Krabi town. Every dorm room is named after a school subject. The beds are individually named in relation to the subject of the dorm. After the renovation of the school, these were some of the elements that were used as inspiration.
The hostel also offers a “Playground Bar”. In the evenings, this becomes the heart of the social activities at the hostel; you’re likely to find some fantastic happy-hour deals! One exciting thing to mention is that they offer free BBQ to their guests. They even have vegetarian options. The hostel is near all of the highlights and attractions of Krabi Town. Therefore, you won’t have to travel too far. This makes the Pak-Up hostel one of the coolest places to stay in Thailand.

Jumbo-stay, Stockholm, Sweden

This is one other phenomenally themed hostel on our list. The Jumbo-stay hostel is a renovated jet with unique spaces to chill and have a great time. It provides a unique living experience. It’s the perfect place if you want to enjoy some nights in Stockholm that are very different from the other available experiences. This is one of the few hostels with its own line of merchandise: they offer mugs and beanies, among other cool items you can buy to remember your trip! They even have an excellent café situated on the left wing of the plane (something you would not usually walk on unless you’re a maintenance engineer). The café provides a nice elegantly designed place where you can relax and enjoy the view while meeting new people. Interestingly, you can even book a cockpit room – although, of course, that’s just a little more expensive than their other options.


Listing all of the amazing and unique hostels in the world would of course take much longer than this. There are so many incredible things to offer to make your experiences all the more dynamic and fun. If you’re looking for more guides, tips and tricks, as well as lists of the most incredible places you can visit around the world when planning your trips, download the TWISPER app and signup for our newsletter to stay up to date!

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