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By Julian Canlas - 3 min read

Exploring Amsterdam’s unique boutique hotels


From a converted crane to bridge houses with perfect views of the canals, here are some amazing boutique hotels in Amsterdam for a unique holiday stay.

Amsterdam boasts a range of unique boutique hotels for an immersive stay away from the traditional offerings. From a converted crane to bridge houses with perfect views of the canals, why not make your entire stay in the Dutch capital a whole holiday experience?

Here are great boutique hotels in Amsterdam that offer an amazing taste of Dutch creativity, at its finest. These hidden gems offer something more than a great night’s sleep. Their petite spaces are personalized so that even their individual suites remain very distinct from each other!

Read, get inspired, and book in advance, because, well, Amsterdam is a very popular city destination that welcomes around 19 million visitors annually!

Unique boutique hotels in Amsterdam

🏗️Crane Hotel Faralda

It’s a boutique hotel in a crane. What more could adrenaline junkies ask for? This boutique hotel in Amsterdam is a converted crane that houses three suites and a hot tub on the roof with amazing views of the Dutch capital. Located in the up-and-coming Amsterdam Noord, Crane Hotel Faralda is an amazing feat of engineering that no average person would have dreamed about, but everything works together exquisitely well. Plus, there’s bungee equipment for those wanting to experience the thrill of jumping off the crane.

Boutique Hotels Amsterdam Crane Hotel

🎨 Hotel Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel is an amazing boutique hotel in Amsterdam that offers an immersive experience, from start to finish. The hotel is like one big living room with cottages designed with fun themes. There’s a cottage in a Volkswagen minivan, another hidden behind bookshelves and one in a tram cart! This place is also affordable to stay in, so if you normally prefer staying in hostels, this could be a better alternative! As one of Amsterdam’s most playful hotels, it’s bound to wake up the inner child in you during your stay.

Boutique Hotels Amsterdam Hotel Not Hotel

🍣🥂🛏️Misc Eatdrinksleep

A modernized 17th century canal house, Misc Eatdrinksleep is located in the historic city center of Amsterdam. With six, uniquely styled rooms, including one filled with replicas of Rembrandt’s works and another English country-house wallpaper, Misc Eatdrinksleep offers a great experience for travelers who might have a preference for creative stays in the Dutch capital. This boutique hotel in Amsterdam is an amazing option for those looking to experience the quirkier side of the Dutch capital!

Boutique Hotels Amsterdam Misc Eatdrinksleep

🍬 SWEETS hotel

SWEETS has an interesting concept as a boutique hotel in Amsterdam, because there’s not one central space, per se, like how most hotels work. Rather, SWEETS’s hotel suites are spread across the city, in the form of 28 bridge houses on Amsterdam’s canals. Plus, beyond their novelty, these bridge houses used to be cabins for bridge operators dating between 1673 and 2009, so you’d be staying in places that are part of Amsterdammer history. Their website shows how each bridge house looks like. It’s a unique boutique hotel in Amsterdam that maximizes its suites for 2 people for maximum comfort.

Boutique Hotels Amsterdam Sweets Hotel

👗 Hotel The Exchange

Each room in Hotel The Exchange looks like a fashion installation. Creative design agency, INA MATT, collaborated with couture studio, Maison the Faux, and fashion students to create an immersive boutique hotel experience centered around couture. Here, walls are draped with quilts, lightbulb wires coil around a room like fashionable black thread, and chairs and tables are dressed up in jute. Each room is “dressed” to the nines and the design of each one differs wildly, based on the tastes of the designers. This boutique hotel in Amsterdam can be an amazing experience for fashionistas and creatives.

Boutique Hotels Amsterdam The Exchange

📖 Ambassade Hotel

Half a century ago, Ambassade Hotel was a popular spot for writers and publishers, and many signed books of its guests can be found here. Stretched across 11 house canals, this amazing boutique hotel in Amsterdam is filled with antique and original art from contemporary Dutch artists and Amsterdam Impressionists. As such, the whole vibe of the place is akin to a mansion filled with cultural pieces. They have a brasserie serving traditional French food and a bar-library combination that features bookshelves next to a cocktail bar. You can drink a cocktail and read your favorite book, if that’s your thing.

Boutique Hotels Amsterdam Ambassade Hotel

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