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By Josie Hough - 5 min read

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Fun places to eat around the world for your bucket list

What better way to forget the trials and tribulations of 2020 than to plan your bucket list of incredible things to do in 2021? As travelers and foodies at TWISPER, that means finding all of the fun places to eat around the world!

As you’ll know if you’ve been following our Advent Calendar Bucket List 📆 over on Instagram, we’re always looking for unique travel experiences. Indulging in great food at cool restaurants is a big part of that!

If, like us, your bucket list is full of fun places to eat around the world, keep reading for some of our favorite unique restaurants!

Learn the true meaning of “haute cuisine” at 50 meters altitude 🏗️

French lesson 🇫🇷 while we translate haute cuisine as “fine dining”, it literally means “high dining”. And this bucket list item involves eating dinner at a table hanging off a crane at 50 meters in the air. Get it?! Jokes are funnier when you explain them, right? 🤪

An iconic concept that has been wildly popular in cities from Athens to Sydney to Las Vegas, Dinner in the Sky is taking over the skies above Brussels in June 2021. If you haven’t heard of this bucket list eating experience, it basically consists of being strapped into your seat at the chef’s table and then being hoisted 50 meters into the air, where you hang for the duration of your meal.

Now, if you’re terrified of heights, this might not be your first choice for your 2021 bucket list. But just remember: it’s perfectly safe, you get an unparalleled bird’s eye view of the city and you enjoy Michelin star chefs making food right in front of you 👩‍🍳 It’s a no brainer, really.

Admire the views from Gloria, Piz Gloria 🏔️

Speaking of panoramic vistas, here’s the next fun place to eat on our bucket list for 2021. If you’re a James Bond fan, you’ll surely have heard of Piz Gloria. Perched atop the Schilthorn mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland is this legendary revolving restaurant.

A half-hour cable car ride brings you to the peak, where aside from the restaurant, you’ll find all manner of winter sports to keep you entertained. That is, if you’re not transfixed by the views. From its almost 3000 meters in altitude, Piz Gloria offers unbelievable 360-degree views over more than 200 surrounding peaks, the Black Forest and Mont Blanc.

Intrigued by the link to 007? Well, the name “Piz Gloria” first originated in the 1963 James Bond novel On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in which it was the villain’s mountaintop hideout. It was later used to film the movie, which came out in 1969, the year the restaurant opened.

Nowadays, as well as taking in the spectacular views and treating yourself to a bottle of Bollinger (Bond’s favorite champagne, if you didn’t know 🥂), you can explore the 007 themed activities at the top. A bucket list must for any aspiring secret agent 😉

Soak up the atmosphere of a restaurant inside a waterfall

From the snow-capped Swiss mountains to the tropical jungle of the Philippines, we reach the next fun place to eat on our bucket list. Pack your raincoat, this restaurant is underneath a waterfall. Things are going to get damp! 💦

Located on the Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort, about two hours’ drive south of Manila, is the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant 🇵🇭 Take your shoes off, wade through the shallow water to your bamboo table and get ready to stuff yourself with incredible Filipino food. All the while immersed in a serene environment thanks to the cascading waterfall, the lush trees around you and the soothing local music playing.

After you’ve eaten your fill and dried off your feet, you can go and enjoy the rest of Villa Escudero too. Peruse the country’s largest museum of antiquities, paddle down the river on a traditional bamboo raft and relax in the infinity pool surrounded by palms. 2021 is looking up already 🤩

Eat canapés in the canopy served by a waiter on a zipline 🌴

Koh Kood, a serene Thai island close to the coast of Cambodia, is an undeniable bucket list destination. Unspoiled beaches, dramatic waterfalls and abundant green jungle make it a paradise for tropical island lovers. But one particular experience draws our attention there today: Treepod Dining at Soneva Kiri Resort.

Comfortably seated in a bamboo pod, you’ll be raised up to the treetops of the island’s ancient rainforest and immersed in the tranquil natural landscapes of Koh Kood. You’ll be left in peace to enjoy the sea views – that is, until your waiter flies in on a zipline to serve up some tantalizing Thai delights. Breakfast, high tea or canapés, this is an unforgettably fun place to eat for your bucket list!

And the rest of the resort doesn’t disappoint either. Luxurious bamboo villas, countless fine dining experiences and every island activity you could possibly dream of 🏝️

2D, or not 2D? That is the question 🖼️

Lovers of graphic art may well have this next bucket list spot on their Try Outs already. Enter another dimension (sort of) stepping inside the optical illusion that is Tokyo’s 2D Café.

Located in the Shin Okubo neighborhood, the city’s vibrant Korean Town, is this mesmerizingly – and definitely Insta-friendly – fun place to eat and drink. What seems like simple monochrome lines making up its décor are actually clever tricks that’ll convince you you’ve stepped foot into the pages of a black-and-white graphic novel.

You’ll be glad to know the food’s 3D 😉 and plentiful at that. Choose from delicious sweet treats, trendy bubble teas and Korean-style shaved ice, a tasty homage to the 2D Café’s neighborhood. This spot is a bucket-list must in Japan.

Go back to the future at a retro drive-in theater diner 🚘

Finally, for a journey back (or forwards?) in time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a 50s style drive-in diner while watching retro sci-fi movies on the big screen, this bucket list experience was made for you.

At the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, you’ll take your seat in a vintage-style car à la Mia and Vincent in Pulp Fiction. Feast on all-American menu staples as you watch thrilling sci-fi clips – just beware, you won’t be running away from those rampaging robots and attacking aliens very fast after the deliciously indulgent food! 🍔

Oh and great news: they’re not actually real cars you drive in, so go ahead and order as many of those cosmic cocktails as you like 🍹

Fill your bucket list with more incredible places

Inspired to get planning your 2021 bucket list? We’ve got your back! Follow our 2021 Bucket List on the TWISPER app for more unique places to eat, sleep and drink around the world.

Spoiler alert: if you’d love to sleep next to lions, in an abandoned plane in the jungle or in an old prison, our bucket list is for you!

Let’s make 2021 one to remember! #bye2020

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