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Honeymoon in Greece, a complete guide

By Julian Canlas - 15 MIN READ

A honeymoon in Greece for many couples is a dream come true.

Greece has many natural wonders, including islands located inside active volcanoes, cascading cliffs, some of the largest petrified forests in Europe and, of course, its numerous sandy beaches that attract people from around the world. But it’s also a place to discover the birthplace of Western civilization, with an amazing amount of ancient ruins that date far beyond even Ancient Greece and back to the Bronze Age, when the first cities on the continent of Europe were made.

As such, a Greece honeymoon warrants an exploration of the country’s numerous islands and not just Athens. I know, you might say, but there are so many of them! Well, here is a comprehensive guide for your perfect honeymoon in Greece and its numerous islands. Enjoy!

Traveler tips for your Greece honeymoon

honeymoon in greece

Cash is king. Many tavernas, small restaurants and boutique shops only accept cash, so try to carry some with you. Try to get some euros converted before flying if that’s not the currency in your home country.

Travel light. Greece is an archipelago, so transport may get a bit difficult for you if you have lots of baggage. You have to get into cars, buses and ships. You may have to walk for quite a bit. Therefore, make sure to travel light. You don’t want to be stressed out from traveling during your honeymoon in Greece.

Eat and drink local. The best part about Greece is its wonderful tavernas. They have a lot of heart in them. Locals love them. And most of them don’t have a closing time. The taverna is the perfect place for a late-night out.

Of course, when you’re in Greece, it’s best to eat Greek food! Where else can you find delicious feta and moussaka than in the country where they originated? Drinking local island wines and the famous ouzo can provide a unique culinary experience, too!

When to travel? The best time to travel is between May and October, when the sea stays warm throughout and the sun shines brightly. You can lounge at the beach, go surfing, dive into the sea and go inside some grottos along the way.

September and October are particularly great for a honeymoon in Greece, because there are less tourists, but the weather is still fairly summer-y. In July and August, there might be too many people for you to enjoy your special moment together.

Learn some Greek words. Greek people are a hospitable bunch, especially if you tell them that you’re having your honeymoon in Greece. It’s also always a delight to locals when you try to speak even a few words in Greece. For example, just say efxaristo instead of thank you to show that you’ve done your research before deciding to visit the country.

Greek cities and islands to visit during your honeymoon in Greece


Personal tip: take your time when visiting Athens. There are so many things to do and places to visit, so it may become overwhelming if you only have a couple of days in the Greek capital.

For many people, visiting Athens is a dream come true. It is the first city that many people want to tick off their bucket list when they visit Greece. Considered to be the cradle of Western civilization, Athens is brimming with culture and history, from its ancient ruins to its museums with great historical collections. It only makes sense that couples want to stay in this storied city for a couple of nights just to fully realize that, yes, they are in Athens and, yes, they have just gotten married.

All right, so first off, you need to visit the famous Brettos distillery and quench your thirst with an amazing cocktail drink! Opened in 1909, this is the oldest distillery and second oldest bar in Athens.

A honeymoon in Greece warrants a tour of the Parthenon, a former temple on the Acropolis hill, an ancient citadel above Athens that contains some of the country’s most storied buildings. To be honest, every traveller visiting the country must first visit the Parthenon. It looks especially breathtaking when viewed from the top of the Acropolis.

You should also visit Anafiotika, a picturesque neighborhood at the foot of the Acropolis. Most of the neighborhood was destroyed in the 1950s for archeological research, but there are still absolutely beautiful tiny cubic houses with flat roofs and colorful doors. It is somewhat of a hidden gem, so you can escape the crowds in Athens for a quiet stroll across this town.

An outdoor cinema that’s open during summer, Café Paris is the perfect place for an alfresco movie date in your Greece honeymoon and it has a beautiful view of the Parthenon. What more do you want?

Psiri is Athens’ nightlife district that is perfect for barhopping, but during the daytime, it also has many impressive cafés for you to visit!

Of course, there are so many other things to do in the Greek capital. You can discover the Agora Ruins, visit the National Archaeological Museum, enjoy the lively bazaars and markets and enjoy the view from Mount Lycabettus!

As for stays, The House is located in central Athens as a collection of tiny houses that have their individual stylings. Herodion Athens is very close to the Acropolis and has an amazing view of it. O&B Boutique Hotel is another one that’s very central and has great customer service.


Personal tip: Hydra is a great place for hiking and walking! Cars aren’t allowed here!

Hydra is one of my favorite islands in Greece, partly because cars and motorcycles are not allowed, and there’s a limit on building height. This leads to a city that’s really pleasant to get lost in.

Can you believe that you can ride a horse or a mule to get around town? In fact, horses, mules and water taxis are the main ways the inhabitants in Hydra still move around to this very day! So, yes, you’ll find many people just casually riding their donkey to work.

It’s also a place thriving with local artists, largely due to the island’s quietness, and many creatives around the world also have been influenced by this beautiful island.

Because of its chilled-back atmosphere, Hydra might be the perfect island to experience the local culture during your Greece honeymoon.

As for food, Kodylenia is one of the most popular spots next to the sea and they are known for their excellent squid that’s fresh and locally caught. You can dine and watch the sun go down at the terrace. Gitoniko is a nice hidden gem that’s popular with locals and serves a wide variety of meals, from casseroles to grilled fish.

Bratsera Hotel is the only hotel in Hydra with a swimming pool, and it’s also located in a historic whitewashed building that’s very beautiful, both inside and out. Now, if you’re up for some stunning views in your Greece honeymoon, the aptly-named Hydra Hotel is on a hill above a harbor, overlooking the picturesque island with its terracotta roofs.


Personal tip: Explore Mykonos by kayak. This provides a unique perspective to the beautiful islands and its surrounding waters.

Mykonos is widely-regarded as the party island of Greece, where you visit to be seen and indulge into some decadence and fun. But I wouldn’t easily dismiss it as an island only fit for the young partygoers. Well, maybe you want to party, too, during your honeymoon in Greece, so that’s one thing. But Mykonos is also beautiful, with its whitewashed houses, winding roads and many churches.

When looking for a place to stay, I know that many of you prefer to get a hotel by the beach, but don’t overlook the romantic Little Venice or even Mykonos’ city center. Mykonos Blu overlooks the Psarou Beach and has amazing wellness facilities to pamper yourselves. Semeli Hotel is a really trendy spot, with the best restaurants in Mykonos. And there’s Katikies Mykonos, which is only reserved for adults and has an amazing infinity pool.

In terms of beaches, if you want to go off the beaten path for your Greece honeymoon, then visit Agia Anna, where you can just peacefully and quietly lie on the sand and listen to the sound of the waves. But if you want somewhere with lots of people (and no privacy whatsoever) then head to the aptly-named Super Paradise or to Panormos for the beach club vibe. Elia Beach is popular for gay and nudist couples.

As for food, I highly suggest that you go local and eat outside of the tourist area. My personal favorite is the Madoupas Café, which is also loved by the locals and does Greek cuisine, like moussaka, hummus and locally caught seafood. When you’re having your honeymoon in Greece, you want to create unique memories, right? What’s more unique than hanging out with the locals?


Personal tip: Book your hotel early, ideally six months in advance. Santorini is a prime Greece honeymoon spot, so rooms get occupied fast.

Santorini is one of the most romantic places to have a honeymoon in Greece, and the island has a reputation of being a wedding destination for couples in Greece and around the world. And it’s not hard to see why, from its crystal blue waters and amazing sunset to its beautiful architecture.

But did you know that Santorini and its islands are actually located over an active volcano that’s currently dormant. This means that it can still technically erupt, but there are no signs of that happening anytime soon!

The bay of the main island of Santorini, Fira, is actually the center of the volcanic caldera, a volcanic depression! Aside from a romantic afternoon watching the Santorini sunset by the cliffs, you’ll also experience being in a volcano, which lends to even more excitement ;).

As for sightseeing, there are so many things to do in Santorini, from island-hopping to visiting its famous archeological sites. There are also so many cute picturesque towns to visit on the cliffs, with amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

Santorini is also for couples who love to eat. Metaxi Mas in Exo Gonia is a Santorini favorite that serves delicious grilled octopus tentacles and oven-baked asparagus. Taverna Tzanakis is a hidden gem that’s family-run and serves delish tomato cherry fritters and grilled white eggplant.

As for the hotels, you cannot go wrong with the exquisite Grace Santorini, which has breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Canaves Oia Suites also has picturesque whitewashed cave suites if you want to stay somewhere featuring Cycladic architecture (well, or a replica of it).


Personal tip: For a honeymoon in Greece, Corfu is best visited during off-season, because while the rest of Greece has its tavernas and other tourist-y facilities closed, most of Corfu is open all-year round.

Known for its rocky beaches and a history ridden with conflicts, today, Corfu could be in your Greece honeymoon itinerary. It is absolutely a captivating island, with influences from the Venetians, English, Russians, Greeks (of course) and people from other cultures that have settled on the island.

For newly-wed couples (or just couples in general) a visit to Sidari beach is almost a must. Why? Because on its northern coast lies the infamous Canal d’Amour,  a romantic beach cove, where couples, like you, can, uh, cement your love.

Agni Bay also boasts a wide range of seafood restaurants and has a natural island vibe to it. You also need to try their local olive oil at Marina’s Taverna, an eatery dedicated to serving meals out of local ingredients. Very Greek meals like feta, taramosalata and moussaka are very delicious.

For hotels Mayor Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel only caters to adults and is located in the ideal location next to the beach that’s just near the Corfu city center. If you want something that is more authentic for your Greece honeymoon, you can head to The Merchant’s House, in Corfu’s historic village.


Personal tip: Naxos is a huge island, so rent a car if you want to roam around.

As one of the largest Cyclades islands, Naxos is abundant with farms, ancient ruins and greenery. It’s one of the lesser-known islands out there, but still remains a gorgeous place to have a honeymoon in Greece, especially if you like sailing and windsurfing.

There are also great restaurants and bars on the island. You can visit the Vallindras Distillery, which has been distilling kitron liqueur since 1896, which is made from the eponymous citrus fruit that resembles a lumpy lemon. Doukato is a restaurant that was once located in a monastery and serves food with locally grown ingredients. There’s also Axiotissa, a taverna that also serves food straight from the owners’ garden.

As for places to stay during your Greece honeymoon, Doron Hotel Delfini is a great hotel that’s built in the Cycladic architectural style. There’s the Polis Boutique Hotel for the adventurous couples on a budget. And if you want to stay next to the beach, the Nissaki Beach Hotel might be for you.


Personal tip: Visit the small towns. They’re pretty.

Crete’s beautiful white-sand beaches, jaw-dropping cliffs, picturesque seaside towns and rich history make the island a great place for a honeymoon in Greece. Crete actually has 4 islands that offer a wide variety of experiences, from going into jungles to lounging on beaches with a mimosa in your hand.

For a thrilling experience, I highly recommend hiking Samaria Gorge, one of the longest ravines in Europe. Or if you want to go to Crete’s several beaches, the south coast has some of its most secluded spots, while the northern beaches are often packed with holidaymakers. At Vai, there is a beach that is home to one of the largest palm forests in Europe.

If you want some archeological sightseeing for your Greece honeymoon, one of my fave spots is the Palace of Knossos, which is one of the largest archaeological sites in Europe that tells the history of the great Minoan civilization and its city of Knossos, Europe’s oldest city.

In terms of food, Crete is known for its family-operated tavernas that serve local and traditional Cretan dishes. Kyria Maria has delicious Cretan cheese called Graviera. For drinks, Crete offers a nice range of local wine, including Minos and Doulofakis.

For hotels, Minos Beach Art Hotel is a 10-minute walk from the city center, but has bungalows in the traditional Cretan architecture. St. Nicholas Bay is a private beach resort offering amazing views of the town and the bay. And Amirandes is the luxury hotel if you need some drama and luxury in your life, because it almost looks like it was built like a Minoan palace.


Personal tip: Visit Antiparos during summer when it’s livelier! The quieter months are, for a lack of a better description, extremely quiet.

Antiparos has a tiny population of only 1000 people! But this is where a lot of Hollywood celebrities like Tom Hanks just relax and luxuriate, because the island is really beautiful and prosperous, and no one cares about who they are there.

The Castle of Antiparos is a must when you’re in the area. It was built by the Venetians during the 15th century in order to defend themselves against the invading Aegean pirates. My next suggestion for the perfect honeymoon in Greece is to visit the exciting Caves of Antiparos. Ok, well, it’s not entirely romantic but it’s an adventurous excursion to see the island’s natural beauty.

Go to Captain Pipinos for delicious seafood. Like the rest of Greece, Antiparos loves its octopus, and you’ll find them getting sundried on wood.

As for stays, get a taste of Cycladic architecture and go to Another Island, which offers beautiful homes with stunning whitewashed interiors. Located on the hill above a beach, you can see from there the island of Despotiko, where no one lives.


Personal tip: If you want to party, go here.

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UPDATE – Greece opens its borders on JUNE 15th! Please read and share ✌🏼🇬🇷 As announced by the officials minutes ago, there will very soon be a list of countries which Greece will be accepting visitors from – the list is to be regularly updated and the countries that have a low number of virus cases will be on the list first. Therefore, Balkan, Eastern Europe and Baltic countries will definitely be on that list. Obviously Greek tourism needs visitors from countries such as the UK, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia as well as the US, Canada, Australia etc, so this is the reason why the list will be regularly updated. We’ll keep you informed about it! Airline companies are gradually re-establishing their flight schedules from and to Greece and other European countries. As of June 15th, visitors will be able to land ONLY at Eleftherios Venizelos International airport in Athens. As of July 1st, visitors will be able to fly directly to any destination in Greece. Therefore if you are looking to arrive to Ios before the first of July you will have to fly to Athens first and grab a ferry afterwards. From the 1st of July you will be able to fly straight to Santorini or Mykonos or Paros and then spend just a couple of hours or even less than an hour in the ferry to arrive here. Note that visitors will NOT have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival or departure. Besides the general situation things are looking good and here in Greece we are all working to make this country an even safer destination that already is. Please share the advice and feel free to ask any questions 😊 📸 by @haylsa . . #ios #iosisland #iosgreece #greece #holidays #travel #island #summer #2k20 #vacationing #traveladdicted #travelshots #travelrepost #placetobe #bestplacestogo #travelmoments #travelawesome #passionpassport #openmyworld #travelstagram #travelpics #beautifuldestinations #ilovegreece #summerholidays #partyisland #visitgreece #greeksummer

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Ios may be known for its parties and nightclubs, but there are also mesmerizing villages on hilltops and with whitewashed houses that make Ios a great place for a honeymoon in Greece.

Standard holiday experiences of sandy white beaches and seafood dinners also apply. But if you want a bit more culture, this is where the Tomb of Homer, the author of The Illiad and The Odyssey lies. According to the myth, towards the end of his life, Homer decided to return to his mother’s homeland of Ios in order to die. There’s also the beautiful Cathedral of Ios, which boasts an impressive whitewashed Cycladic façade and an impressive interior.

Located a small alley in Ios’s old town, I highly suggest that you visit the Ios Katogi Restaurant for its delicious Medittarenean cuisine and salads. The Octopus Tree, located next to the harbor, really has excellent fried zucchini. If you want some fine dining, then go to Grandma’s, where you can eat and then sip some cocktails next to the pool of the hotel it’s located in.

As for hotels, Liostasi Hotel really has unbeatable views of the Aegean Sea and offers a luxury experience to those having a romantic Greece honeymoon. Calilo is also a very unique stay built of local stone and is isolated in a rocky valley. Each of the suites has its own pool!


Personal tip: Try the thermal hot springs. Divine.

Compared to the other islands, Lesbos is less touristy and caters more towards adventure-centric travelers and art-loving crowds, so if you belong to one of these categories, Lesbos might be the perfect island for your honeymoon in Greece. Lesbos is also home to the ancient Greek poet Sappho, who is particularly popular with the lesbian community and the Nobel prize winning poet Elytis.

Lesbos has some natural charm to it, with some hot springs in the area thanks to being next to a volcano. Lesbos Petrified Forests are also worth a visit. They are the second-largest petrified forests in the world, with petrified trees holding a lot of geological importance in providing clues to understand the world. The city of Mitilini is an amazing place for an architectural tour, with its buildings being in the classical, neoclassical and belle époque styles.

As for restaurants, maybe you want to try out something more different, like eating at the Lesbos Women’s Cooperative, a seafood restaurant. It was initially founded in 1983, as a government initiative to help local women earn income and be more independent.

As for your hotel stays, Pyrgos of Mytilene is a beautiful hotel that is a former mansion built in 1916 and is conveniently situated next to the city center. Hotel Kyma is a seaside hotel that is family-run and has superb customer service.


Personal tip: There are some great pottery shops lining along the main road from Rhodes town to Lindos, so check them out!

The fourth largest Greek island, Rhodes is a popular summer destination, has a vibrant nightlife scene and boasts impressive landmarks for the perfect honeymoon in Greece.

Its Old City is a joy to roam around, from its winding cobblestone streets to its classical architecture. It’s also listed as a cultural heritage site by the UNESCO. The Acropolis of Lindos is located on a hill and is one of the most widely visited archaeological spots in Greece. From June to September, the Butterfly Valley has butterflies come to this area to leave their eggs and reproduce, and it’s a scene to behold. Seven Spring is also a nice lake spot during summer, as most of it lies under the cooling shade of palm trees. There’s also a nearby restaurant that boasts a panoramic view of the mountains.

As for enjoying yourself, the old town is a very romantic place for your honeymoon in Greece. Locals and tourists alike gather around the center and go to the various tavernas and bars that exist in the area. If you want something more refined, Blue Bay Restaurant offers Greek and international dishes with a focus on seafood. Cesar Meze Bar is a critically-acclaimed restaurant that’s considered to be one of the best in Greece for its exciting takes on traditional Greek food.

As for hotels, Kókkini Porta Rossa is a boutique hotel that in a past life used to be a 14th century knight’s abode. It’s owned by someone who’s very passionate about the island’s history and will tell you stories about it. Marco Polo Mansion looks absolutely exquisite with its red walls and canopy beds. Both boutique hotels have unique styles to each of them.

Where are you going for your honeymoon in Greece?

So which islands are you going to visit for your Greece honeymoon? Have you developed an itinerary?

If you want to get personal and positive recommendations on more restaurants, hotels and bars in Greece, download TWISPER. It’s a free social travel mobile app that you can use to create a list of places to eat, sleep and drink to plan your Greece honeymoon. And, of course, all of the places I’ve recommended are on TWISPER for you to see.

Happy Greece honeymoon!

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