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How do we keep TWISPER positive?

TWISPER is the social app with only positive recommendations. But how exactly do we achieve this?

In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • Why TWISPER only allows positivity
  • How we keep TWISPER positive

Why TWISPER is only for positive recommendations

Imagine this. After a day of hard work, you want to wind down and go to a restaurant with friends. Problem is, you don’t want to go to the same old hangout spots. After all, it’s nice to have a new eating out experience once in a while.

This is when TWISPER comes in. Seeing negativity and conflict in social media after work can, frankly, be tiring and bad for your mental health.

Negativity gives out bad juju. Positivity sets the tone for a great night. At TWISPER, people can only interact by sharing positive recommendations on great places to eat, sleep and drink.

Yes, you’ve read that right. People can only have positive interactions on the app, and this is what sets us apart from other social media platforms.

If you’re looking for a positive recommendation on great restaurants to visit, just go on TWISPER to find out. If you just want to see mouth-watering food photos from great eating out experiences, you can simply go on the app for that, too.

Why do we only allow positivity? It’s time to have social media platforms for good, clean fun. At TWISPER, we want to see a positive revolution, and we want to lead the positivity movement.

How do we keep TWISPER positive?

Now, you’re probably wondering how we keep the app and the community positive? Well, through a few different ways.

People can only share positive recommendations on the feed

No more. No less. On TWISPER, people can only share positive recommendations on great places to try out. Each person’s positive recommendation about their going out experiences shows up on the feed for their friends to see. This is how positive word of mouth works.

People only get recommendations from people they trust

As well as following your friends (who we assume you trust!), you can choose to follow the recommendations of trusted brands, ambassadors, associations, celebrities and influencers who partner with TWISPER. These accounts go through strict controls to be verified so we’re sure you can trust them.

We remove inappropriate content

If we see inappropriate content on the app as reported by our community or flagged by our algorithm, we remove it. We do not tolerate negative and toxic behavior on the app. We believe that fiercely upholding positive principles is the best way forward.

The poster will get a message stating that their content has been deleted by the content moderation team because it doesn’t fit community guidelines.

We ban fake accounts

Detected fake accounts will be permanently banned. No two ways around it. After all, our community values real and authentic positive recommendations above anything else.

Other social platforms are having big issues when it comes to fake users and reviews. We’re mitigating this issue by tackling this head-on.

We want to treat all our users correctly — from the small business owners wanting to expand their online presence to the people looking to discover great places — by making sure that all the recommendations are real and that no one cheats on the platform to get more visibility.

Be part of the positive revolution

If you’re a TWISPER user, thank you for being a valuable part of the community.

Stumbled upon this blog post? Want to discover amazing recommendations on great hidden gems to visit virtually anywhere? Download TWISPER for free on iOS Store and Google Play. You’ll realize how darn good it is.

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