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By Josie Hough - 4 min read

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Indoor gardens in London to feel like summer’s still here

Anyone else in denial that it’s officially fall? At TWISPER, we’ve decided to ignore the colder weather and instead compile a list of our favorite indoor gardens in London, so we can pretend summer’s still here. Who’s with us?

From brunch surrounded by begonias to cocktails with cacti, the city seems to have an urban jungle for every event! Let us know if you know a hidden gem that isn’t on our list, we’d love to explore 🌱

Summery sanctuaries to escape for a day

Breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea, if you’re in serious need of a day in plant-filled paradise, these indoor gardens are for you:

The Florist

With tables set out around blossom-covered trees and pink roses hanging from the ceilings, The Florist certainly lives up to its name 🌸 Their carefully curated menus complete the sensory experience. Brunch with bottomless bubbles, mouth-watering Sunday roasts and cocktails as pretty as they are tasty. This is a must-try in Watford (although they also have locations in Bristol and Liverpool for non-Londoners)!

Landmark London

Originally opened in 1899, The Landmark London was designed around a large courtyard to let light and air into its rooms. Fast forward over a hundred years of legendary history, and the iconic hotel is still an emblematic feature of the Marylebone neighborhood. With a soaring 8-storey-high glass roof and impressively towering palm trees, the Winter Garden remains at its heart. Make time for a classic London ritual and enjoy an elegant afternoon tea under the palms 🌴

Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room

A rooftop bar and restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic views of London and plenty of plants? We’re in heaven. Want a tranquil co-working space, a relaxed dinner spot, sunset cocktails or a weekend brunch? Open throughout the day, B&H Garden Room is the urban jungle for every occasion.

The Dalloway Terrace

A flower-covered wall that changes with the seasons makes The Dalloway Terrace one of the most Instagrammable urban gardens in London. Enjoy an enchanting escape for brunch, afternoon tea or dinner in an autumnal woodland 🍂

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

OK, so it’s not an *indoor* garden, but the iconic Ivy Chelsea Garden is just too beautiful not to include. If you’re lucky enough to get good weather, get an al fresco table on the terrace and lose yourself amongst the greenery-covered trellises and pretty colored petals 🌺

Gardener’s world

Plant-filled cafés not enough for you? Check out these actual greenhouses to lose yourself in a green wilderness in the heart of London.

Barbican Conservatory

It may seem unlikely, but the Barbican’s brutalist exterior hides a delightful secret: one of the largest greenhouses in London. Opened in 1984 and housing over 1500 types of plants plus several fishponds, the Barbican Conservatory is second only to the world-renowned Kew Gardens. A café on the mezzanine allows you to overlook the canopy in this charming concrete jungle.

Petersham Nurseries Café

The flower-filled restaurant at Petersham Nurseries offers a complete sensory experience. The bougainvillea and jasmine are a fragrant treat, the glasshouse itself is a feast for the eyes and the kitchen garden-inspired menu is exquisite 🌿 We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to stop yourself coming home with a few plants and antiques from the nursery itself!

Urban jungles for a big night out

Whether it’s a for a swanky night out, a romantic date or a special birthday party, these showstopper indoor gardens will make for an evening to remember.

14 Hills

Located on the 14th floor (hence its name), 14 Hills is made up of a glamorous restaurant and a lively late-night bar. Go for the amazing food, the aesthetically pleasing cocktails, the live music nights, the indoor trees 🌳 or the unparalleled views of London – whatever the reason, just make sure you visit!

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Another of B&H’s creative lifestyle ventures, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings combine a restaurant, greenhouse, cocktail bar, cookery school and a late night underground drinking den 🍸 Overflowing with plants, this super cool space in Clerkenwell is designed to feel like a communal village hall and we’re here for it!

Sky Garden

It wouldn’t be an article about indoor gardens in London without a mention of the landmark Sky Garden, located on the top floor of the iconic Walkie Talkie building. Home to a number of restaurants and bars, this vast urban garden is a must-visit for leaf-lovers looking for stunning views of the capital.


Last but by no means least is this stunningly decorated restaurant in The Mandrake Hotel. YOPO serves up classical cooking with an experimental twist, with South American influenced modern European cuisine. Visit on a sunny evening and head outside to the bar terrace known as Jurema. Cascading greenery and suspended passion flower and jasmine make this a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city – you’ll forget you’re in London at all!

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We hope you’re inspired to go pretend it’s still summer in these beautiful indoor gardens!

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Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off for coffee hidden under a palm tree.

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