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Little Venice, Mykonos’s most romantic neighborhood

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Dubbed as the jewel of Mykonos, Little Venice is a popular neighborhood that’s situated right next to Mykonos Town. It extends from the pretty Alefkandra beach and to the peripheries of the old Venetian castle, Castle Panigirakis, in the northwestern part of Mykonos.

Today, Little Venice is popular amongst artists, who have immortalized this place’s ethereal beauty, which explains why there are quite a few art galleries in Mykonos. It’s also one of the most photographed neighborhoods in Europe, and it’s easy to understand why.

Whitewashed buildings and houses that are centuries-old line the waterfront and stand quite literally on the edge of the sea. You can see their paint getting peeled off after years of being exposed to the elements, such as the harsh Aegean sun and the seawaves that splash against their walls. Some of the buildings have colorful balconies precariously built on metal stilts with unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea.

It’s amazing to think about looking into the horizon during clear sunny days, but I can’t imagine looking outside when a storm hits Mykonos! After all, the island experiences more wind than the rest of the country, as displayed through its many windmills.

Of course, Little Venice is also a hotspot for young travelers who are keen to experience Mykonos’s nightlife. Many of these houses have now been converted to small bars, where you can drink ouzo with a platter of meze.

How did Little Venice in Mykonos get its name?

In the 13th century, the island of Mykonos was an important part of the trade routes of the Republic of Venice, which was traditionally known back then as La Serenissima (short for Most Serene Republic of Venice).

Most of these buildings used to belong to wealthy shipping merchants called kapetaneika, a reminder of the island’s rich maritime past. In a nutshell, the name Little Venice is an ode to this Venetian past.

This ended in the 18th century, when the Ottomans took hold of Mykonos. But by this time, Venetian culture had already set its influence on the island, most notably on its architecture.

Why should you go to Little Venice during your Mykonos trip?

Little Venice is for the romantics, or for those who want to spend some quiet time in this island that’s been more known for its party scene.

One of the best things to do in Little Venice is to sit on a restaurant terrace and watch the sun go down. The light reflected against the old whitewashed houses adopts a more orange glow, as the sun goes down. If you want less crowd, visit the area during the morning.

Little Venice is still a popular tourist spot in Mykonos, so in the late afternoon, you might have to jostle for spots at the restaurant or bar you want to go to. After all, this is when people want to go to the area to watch the sunset.

During the evening, like the rest of Mykonos, Little Venice becomes a party area, with bars that turn into nightclubs.

How to get to Little Venice

Little Venice is located next to the sea, so when in doubt, just walk towards the waterfront.

Via bus from the airport. Little Venice is located next to Mykonos Town, so you need to take the same bus from the airport that stops at Fabrika Bus Station. Little Venice is only 6 minutes away from this stop. A bus fare can cost you around € 2.00 during the day, but it can get just a tiny bit more expensive during the night. Check the Mykonos Bus Service website for more details.

Via bus from Mykonos Port. Mykonos is popular with travelers during the summertime, so there are regular ferry trips between Mykonos and other islands. All ferries dock at the New Port of Mykonos. The Mykonos Bus Service passes every 15 minutes and stops at Fabrika Bus Station.

Via car. You can also rent a car to travel around Mykonos through the airport or the hotel you are staying in.

Via taxi or shuttle. Uber is not available in Mykonos, but you can still take the taxi to Little Venice. Some hotels also have shuttle buses that drop you off at Mykonos Town. Here’s a list of some of the taxi services that you can contact to get a ride.

Restaurants and bars that I love in Little Venice

Kastro is a beautiful restaurant that serves amazing seafood and has a terrace nestled between two whitewashed walls.

If you want to see the Aegean Sea from a small balcony hanging over the water, book a place at Katerina’s in advance and have a taste of their artfully-served dishes.

Nice n easy is a very small chain of 3 restaurants across Greece that upholds a farm-to-table philosophy when it comes to dining. Located in Alefkandra Square, it has nice views of Little Venice.

The views from Scarpa Bar are amazing! In the late afternoon, you can watch the sun go down with a nice cocktail in hand. They also have techno club nights, so go to this bar if you’re into that type of music!

Semeli the Bar is a popular party bar that is open all-day long. You can have breakfast, brunch, and afternoon cocktails followed by some dancing in the night. Like Scarpa Bar, this one also has magnificent views of the Aegean Sea from the lounge area.

Caprice is one of the oldest bars in Little Venice and serves great cocktails. It also has a nice view of Little Venice’s waterfront houses.

When’s your next trip to Mykonos?

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