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Here or there? Hidden gems you didn’t know exist in Europe 🤩

By Julian Canlas - 7 MIN READ

Who needs to travel far, when you can discover the world in your backyard. Let’s play a game: guess if these places are in Europe or overseas. The reward? A deep urge to visit them. Let’s go 🤩.

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      Brazil or France

      Floating hut and treehouse hotels are getting popular in Europe, too! Cabanes des Grands Reflets is in France and features both types of cabins. Enjoy gourmet dinners with a view of the lake. Climb trees with your kids. Have a picnic with fresh local produce at the terrace. Or even get a massage from professionals that come from Bali, California and Hawaii.

      Indonesia or Denmark?

      After a 5-minute walk from the Vesteport train station, you’ll arrive in Bali and enjoy the lush tropical nature all around you! Just kidding. But Manon Suite Hotels in Denmark can help you live this experience at a fraction of the cost of a plane ride and, well, minus the Southeast Asian heat.

      This tropical-themed hotel is gorgeous. There are plants everywhere. You can drink a cocktail at its rooftop terrace. Giant terracotta-potted plants hang from girders. And right in the center of the hotel there’s a pool area that transports you to a tropical rainforest… only with luxury amenities and long chairs to help you sit back and relax.

      Belgium or Canada?

      Belgium also has great lakes and cabins! The Aqualodge is located only 1 hour from Brussels and consists of six cabins over a collection of lakes in Maredsous. It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle and to reconnect with nature. They also offer generous meal trays to bring with you at the terrace. I mean, if you’re nearby, this is the ultimate staycation experience for a weekend vacation.

      Switzerland or Antarctica?

      To friends that see your beautiful photos on TWISPER, it might seem as if you’re sleeping next to penguins and polar bears in Antarctica. But no! It’s just in Switzerland.

      The igloo village in Zermatt is the best place to live your white winter fantasy in Europe. There are so many things to say about this. As soon as you wake up, you get to see an unobstructed view of the Matterhorn. Heck, you can even view it from the bubbly comfort of your hot tub. And my goodness, because Zermatt doesn’t experience the same light pollution that major cities have, you get to see a night sky illuminated by hundreds of thousands of stars!

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      A resort completely made of snow? There is such a thing! On the #Saanerslochgrat in @igludorf @madeinbern. Here you can stay overnight in an igloo, surrounded by snow, snow and more snow. The igloo village is near @gstaad_official – the famous vacation spot in the #BerneseOberland. In winter there are 220 kilometres of ski runs between an altitude of 1,000 and 3,000 metres waiting for you. In addition, you will find several snowparks, numerous tobogganing runs and 170 kilometres of perfectly groomed ski runs. And if you prefer walking, there are approximately 200 kilometres of winter hiking trails to explore. Still not enough? In the village you will find Switzerland's shortest shopping mile, as well as various top hotels, gourmet restaurants, and beautiful chalets. Thanks @diaryofseya for this great photo.

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      There’s also the Igloo Bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine, or ten of them, with your friends. Of course, at the restaurant, being in Switzerland also means that you should try out the fondue!

      There are also numerous activities to unleash your inner child. The hotel offers snow sculpture experiences, making your igloo yourself, snowshoeing, and other types of winter games.

      USA or Spain


      Want to have a desert experience? Look no further than in Spain! In the middle of a Spanish field in Navarra lies Aire de Bandenas, a sleek, minimalist hotel conceived by critically-acclaimed architects Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera.

      Needless to say, the setting is quite spectacular, and the hotel does its best to portray it by not obstructing the whole scenery. This hotel features minimalist designer container cube rooms all scattered discreetly across the field to create a central courtyard, where people can shelter from the strong winds.

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      ARCHITECTURETRAVEL AIRE DE BARDENAS HOTEL [SPAIN] Somewhere in the middle of a wheat field, minutes away from the Natural Park of the Bardenas of Navarra, stands a sleek, minimal hotel conceived by Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera. Aire de Bardenas features container cube rooms, each individually designed and made of recycled wood. They are scattered across the field to create a central courtyard – a communal space and ‘the shelter from the wind.’ In harmony with area’s small-scale architecture, the architects avoided structures of big volume and blended the hotel into local landscape. #airedebardenas #hotel #spain🇪🇸 #bardenas #arquitecture #perfect #photography #navarra#places #intiriordesign #desing #art #perfectplace #photo #nature

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      The hotel is partly made from recycled wood and blends naturally into the place, as if it were part of the landscape.

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      Turkey or Italy

      The terme of Saturnia is a group of hot springs located in Tuscany, Italy, not in Turkey or anywhere else. These thermal springs are among some of the most beautiful in the world, as sulfurous water gushes from the nearby stream and is made warm by the Gorello stream.

      You can go to the complex’s sauna and enjoy the therapeutic elements of the waters.

      US or France

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      Hiawatha didn't bother too much

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      Only a mere two hours away from Paris, Les étangs du moulin lets you live your Wild West fantasy! This quirky resort includes Native American-inspired tipis that have pull-out sofas and wood-burning stoves, and giant Western wagons with terraces. There’s even a Tex-Mex restaurant, a saloon bar and a store selling ice creams and drinks. Activities include a playground for your kids, fun pony rides to gallop around the place and lake fishing. It’s almost like experiencing a piece of America in Europe.

      South Africa or France

      Want to experience living in a luxury lodge in South Africa? Just head over to the South of France. Villa Vanille lies in the middle of the garrigue and pine forests, but as soon as you arrive in the estate, you’ll see banana trees, palm trees and other types of flowers that thrive in warmer climates.

      Villa Vanille boasts an eclectic collection of lodges that are inspired by different exotic places around the world, one of which is decorated with typical furnishing found in a South African lodge. There’s also a nice swimming pool and jacuzzi that’s been carved into the stone!

      If you want to have a bit of sightseeing, this hotel also offers an electric scooter tour to discover spots offering panoramic views of Cévennes, a mountain range in South of France. You can also meet passionate winegrowers for a tasting session. On Saturday mornings, there’s the Sommières’s market, which is recommended by the owner of the lodge for its delicious oysters, good wine, exquisite cheese and other local produce.

      Denmark or India

      You might think that this is somewhere in India, but no! Nimb is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This hotel with a fairytale façade is located right at the iconic Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park (the second-most popular in Europe, after Europa-Park) and pleasure garden in the Danish capital. For the high price, Nimb boasts spacious rooms, high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and plush fabrics. There’s also a rooftop terrace with a pool and a cocktail bar exclusively reserved for hotel clients and their friends. It’s the perfect place to have drinks with a view of Tivoli Gardens.

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      We look forward to once again welcoming our guests to Nimb’s restaurants! 🙏🏼 The safety of our guests and employees is of the highest importance, which is why we have provided the necessary space between our restaurant tables in addition to extra cleaning. We also offer hand sanitizer stations in the restaurants and hotel. There is therefore no need to worry about hygiene. All you need to do is simply enjoy your visit to Nimb. Cleaning and hygiene are always high priorities at Nimb. But in preparation of the reopening of our restaurants, we have, in collaboration with a consulting firm specialised in hygiene, reviewed all procedures and optimised all processes, ensuring we provide our guests with the highest service. 🍾 On 18 May, Crème by Nimb will reopen its café and takeout service from early morning till late evening; Nimb Brasserie will offer morning, lunch and evening dining; and Nimb Bar will be open for afternoon tea. 🦀🦞🦐 Old favourites will return in new guises. The city’s best brunch (and breakfast) as well as Nimb’s famous seafood buffet will now be served for sharing at the table and not, like previously, as lavish buffets – naturally without compromising on gastronomic quality or culinary indulgence. 🎠🎡 🥗🍰 When Tivoli Gardens opens on 8 June, you can once again visit Cakenhagen, Gemyse, Mazzoli’s and Fru Nimb, all of which serve inspiring summer cuisine as well as offer innovative takeout options to be enjoyed in the splendid summer setting of Tivoli Gardens. #nimbcopenhagen #nimb

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      China or Greece?

      You might think that this is in China’s Mount Fanjing, but this is actually the Meteora rock formation located in Thessaly, Greece. Perched on its hill-like boulders are some of the largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Europe!

      Want to find out the perfect stay with breathtaking views of the Meteora? Head over to Pyrgos Adrachti! This rustic guesthouse is closely located to the monastery of St. Nicholas Anapavsa and the Kalambaka train station. Make sure to request for the rooms overlooking Meteora!

      Guatemala or Albania

      With its densely forested hills, vertical slopes, deep gorges and mountain villages frozen in time, you may think that this might be located somewhere in Guatemala or some far-flung region in the deep rainforests.

      In reality, this is Lake Koman in Albania. It’s still a bit of a hidden gem in Europe, although it’s gaining word-of-mouth traction between adventurous travelers, both local and international alike. The perfect way to discover this lake is through a ferry ride that includes getting on a rickety boat that looks as if it was a bus skinned for water travel. This makes the adventure all the more thrilling.

      If you’re looking for a place to eat with a breathtaking view of the landscape, go to Shpia e Drinit, which is located at the shore of Lake Komani.

      Heaven or Spain?

      All right, I’m not contending to know how heaven remotely looks like, but I bet it could be somewhat similar to this. Ronda is a cliffside town, and of the oldest, in Andalucia, Spain. The narrow El Tajo gorge splits the town in two, and both sides can be accessed through a bridge that spans a 100-meter chasm over El Tajo. Needless to say, this town above the clouds is a stuff of dreams.

      If you want to discover great restaurants, hotels and bars in Ronda, download the TWISPER app for free ;).

      Here or there? Ready for a fun-filled staycation?

      All right, I lied. Most of these places are in Europe. But this just goes to show how there are so many amazing spots in Europe that are in plain sight!

      As always, you can check these places out on TWISPER. Enjoy ;).


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