5 amazing restaurants in Valletta

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      There are some amazing restaurants in Valletta that reflect Malta’s eclectic food scene.

      It can therefore be surprisingly hard to find good places to taste the traditional Maltese cuisine. But there are so many delicious local specialties, like rabbit stew, gbejniet, lampuki pie and so on, that are worth trying and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to do so if you’re ever in Valletta, the capital.

      So to get a good taste of the local flavors, here are five great restaurants in Valletta!



      With a long history of wine production, this restaurants in Valletta has a great number of cellars, many of which have been converted into restaurants and bars. Malata is one of them.

      This Maltese & French fusion restaurant is located in a beautiful 500-year-old stone-walled cellar. On sunny days (most days in Malta 😉), a nice terrace is open to guests, making it a great place for every season.

      Under the vaulted ceiling you’ll be able to enjoy the typical Maltese atmosphere, bringing you back to the medieval times of Valletta. Live jazz music is also performed on some evenings!


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      Guzé Bistro

      In the center of Valletta, Guzé Bistro is another cellar restaurant in Valletta that’s in a 16th-century Maltese house. This place serves amazing Mediterranean food, including traditional dishes such as the famous Maltese rabbit. A little fancier than the average restaurant, this place is perfect for a romantic dinner or if you want to treat yourself!


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      Nenu the Artisan Baker

      Nenu the Artisan Baker is one of the few places to have a taste of the authentic Maltese cuisine. The restaurant in Valletta is located in a restored bakery in one of the oldest parts of Valletta. They have an amazing selection of local specialties and each of them will satisfy your palate.

      But the real star is the Ftira, a delicious traditional Maltese bread. Usually made in the shape of a ring, the Ftira is served with a variety of fillings including tuna, onions, capers, sardines, potatoes, tomatoes and olives.

      At Nenu, the bakers use traditional techniques and ingredients to create some of the best Ftiras in the country!


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      With more of a tapas-style dinner with a Maltese touch, Legligin is located in an old wine cellar. It is actually a wine bar  and restaurants in Valletta, and the dishes are mainly made to accompany your drinks, but the food is excellent!

      The tasting menu is incredible, with several small dishes that are regularly changed. There is no set menu to choose from. You come to Legligin to be surprised!

      The rustic furniture and the dimmed lights create a lovely cozy atmosphere. Holes are scattered on the walls, used as wine racks to keep the bottles at the perfect temperature. It’s a great place to taste local wines and food.


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      Noni is the restaurant in Valletta by the award-winning chef Jonathan Brincat. It is a local favorite that was recently awarded its first Michelin star. There, everything is perfection. The place offers an extraordinary dining experience that your taste buds will not soon forget!

      The cellar in which the restaurant is located was elegantly renovated and has the perfect décor for the high-quality dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients that are served at Noni. The chef introduces an inventive modern twist to the Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine, a real delight for all his guests.


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      Here you have it, a selection of amazing restaurants in Valletta to add to your try-out list on TWISPER 😉 Do check them out if you’re ever visiting Malta! There’s nothing better than local food for an authentic cultural experience. If you wanna read more about Malta’s food culture, go read this blog!

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