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By Josie Hough - 3 min read

5 sustainable restaurants in Milan

As climate change affects us more and more, many of us are looking for ways we can help slow the process and save our planet 🌍

Over the years, it has become much easier to live sustainably at home. Recycling is now the norm in many places, plastic consumption is increasingly regulated, and we’re encouraged to buy locally grown produce.

At TWISPER, we love eating out as much as we love the environment. So how can we ensure we’re making sustainable choices when eating out?

We’ve compiled a list of 5 sustainable restaurants in Milan to show that more and more businesses are responding to the sustainability trend and allowing us to indulge our cravings in a mindful way! 💚


Half Brazilian tapas, half Japanese sushi, 100% sustainable. Temakinho, which is rapidly taking over the world with 5 restaurants in Milan, numerous more throughout Italy and eateries in London and Ibiza too, proudly sources the highest quality ingredients from responsible farmers.

In fact, it’s the first restaurant chain in the world to be certified a Friend of the Sea for its dedication to sustainable fishing. So you can enjoy your Brazilian bacalhau, your salmon temaki and your cocktails without a worry! 🇧🇷 🇯🇵 🍸

Un posto a Milano

The creators of this guesthouse, bar and kitchen, whose name simply means A place in Milan, have spent years traveling all around Italy in search of the best producers of sustainable ingredients.

Un posto a Milano’s exquisite food follows traditional cooking methods from different parts of Italy, transformed according to the seasons 🇮🇹


Muzzi is a modern member of the slow food movement. All of its fresh, organic, plant-based ingredients are “KM 0”, meaning they’re all grown within 100km of the restaurant.

While Muzzi focuses on big, hearty salads (the specialty of the founder’s mother, who also inspired the café’s name), you’ll also find delicious healthy breakfasts and cheeky cocktails. Brunch date anyone?


At SoulGreen, the philosophy is food that’s good for the body and the soul. And that means seasonal plant-based dishes made from carefully selected ingredients from trusted suppliers.

They’re also committed to giving to charity and provide meals for children all around the world. Doesn’t that make the delicious food taste even better? 🤩

Organic Pizza and Food

Last but by no means least, it wouldn’t be a list of restaurants in Italy without our beloved pizza.

Organic Pizza and Food lives up to its name. The highest quality organic Italian raw materials sourced from producers who truly care for the environment and animal welfare make for a mouth-watering menu of pizzas. They also cater to vegans! 🌱

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