Sweet tooth: amazing desserts to drool over in Barcelona

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When you’ve got a sweet tooth and you’re stuck in lockdown, there’s only one thing for it: drool over photos of the amazing desserts you’ll enjoy once you’re out and about again!

Crazy croissant shops, fun freak shake bars and mind-blowing brownie bakeries… there are so many incredible dessert places all around the world to indulge your sweet tooth. So we’ve narrowed our sweet treat search down to Barcelona.

If you’re lucky enough to be there right now, fill your boots with these drool-worthy delights. And if not, save them to your Try Outs list for your next trip to BCN and – if you’re feeling really talented – try making them at home. We all need a lockdown project!

Roll up, roll up: cinnamon fans assemble!

Opened by the descendants of a long line of Barcelona bakers, Demasié brings together traditional pastry expertise and a passion for American cakes and cookies. Is your sweet tooth alert ringing yet?

Their name, meaning “too much” or “over the top”, gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with here. While they’re known for their cinnamon rolls (the best in the city) and cookies, their windows are always bursting with countless amazing desserts that will have your mouth watering.

We’re dying for: their mascarpone and coffee rolls. Is there any better way to start the day?

Lockdown fix: their cinnamon roll recipe is on their Instagram story highlights.

Heaven for Chök-oholics

Barcelona’s chocolate kitchen, Chök, is quick to reassure you that they’re so much more than chocolate. But they definitely do that well. They also strive to work towards perfection every day, making their amazing desserts tastier and healthier.

Their extensive menu of pretty chocolate slabs, delectable cupcakes and oozing donuts has something for every sweet tooth. Including you, gluten-free vegans! Everything is homemade daily with fresh, natural ingredients and flavors are switched up regularly so you’re in for a surprise no matter how many times you’ve visited.

We’re dying for: their Crema Catalana kronut for a modern twist on a local classic.

Lockdown fix: attempt to make their “Piruchök” – dip a biscuit in chocolate and crushed pistachios or sprinkles and put a stick in it. It’s a biscuit lollipop! 🍭

Lolita: cakes to celebrate 🎂

No exaggeration, these are some of the most beautiful cakes we’ve ever seen. When three Argentinian friends founded Lolita Bakery in the Born district, the American cupcake trend had not yet taken its hold on Barcelona.

Fast forward ten years and countless extraordinary bakes later, and they’re the first place we want to go to indulge our sweet tooth. In addition to their cake masterpieces worthy of a royal wedding, they create some very American, very amazing desserts. Mini Mississippi mud pies, tiny classic cheesecakes and cookies n cream cupcakes… how do we pick?

We’re dying for: the biggest salted caramel cake they do, ideally with a unicorn horn.

Lockdown fix: can we buy unicorn horns on Amazon? Failing that, they’ve got step-by-step cake recipes on their Instagram stories.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese(cake)

Another of Barcelona’s celebrated American bakeries, Sil’s Cakes is the place to go for seriously impressive cheesecakes with a range of seriously indulgent toppings.
They also specialize in chocolate brownies, and it turns out the two go together pretty well. Just picture a brownie-base cheesecake topped with caramel drizzled popcorn. It’s a party in the USA… in our bellies.

We’re dying for: an entire Reese’s peanut butter cup cheesecake just for us. And if it comes to it, we will eat it off the floor with a spoon, Friends-style.

Lockdown fix: pile three different desserts on one plate, pour melted chocolate over and throw a handful of candy on top 🤤

Dairy-free delights

We haven’t forgotten about you, vegans! 🌱 Just cos you’re not eating cream, butter and eggs doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to a heart-stoppingly amazing dessert if you want it. La Besnéta’s sweet treats are 100% vegan, 100% homemade and 100% delicious.

We’re dying for: their tiramisu in a jar.

Lockdown fix: you could serve your favorite vegan dessert in a glass jar… or you could add this one to your Try Outs list and drool over it until we can travel again 😋

(Do)nuts for La Donutería

If you hadn’t guessed by their name, La Donutería is serious about their donuts. Their recipe has been passionately developed with all-natural ingredients to give you the optimal taste and texture. It’s fermented three times, hand rolled and cut before frying to golden perfection. And that’s just the basic dough.

The menu changes daily. On top of the classic Tahitian vanilla bean glazed donut that’s always there, there are 12 varities for you to choose from. No, we won’t judge you for ordering them all.

We’re dying for: the “Macaronut”. It’s a chocolate and matcha donut with a macaron on top. It’s green, so it’s healthy, right?

Lockdown fix: move to Spain so you can join their bake club for donut deliveries twice a month.

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for Rocambolesc

It wouldn’t be a blog about amazing desserts to treat your sweet tooth without an honorable mention of ice cream, would it? In Barcelona (and Madrid, Girona and Alicante too), Rocambolesc is the place to go.

First of all, this place is an experience in itself. It looks like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but for ice cream. And the food is equally fun. Pick your flavor of ice cream, your toppings and how it’s served. They take the ice cream sandwich to a whole new level with their grilled brioche buns, but it’s the “polos”, funkily-shaped popsicles, that really have our attention.

We’re dying for: the blood orange and mango Game of Thrones-themed “golden hand” polo, or popsicle. Or maybe the strawberry and rosewater nose-shaped one.

Lockdown fix: ice cream doesn’t travel well, but you can learn how to make their delicious toppings on their Instagram stories!

Brunch brunch baby

A must-visit in Barcelona if you like your brunch to be extra Instagram-friendly, Eixampeling is a paradise of vibrantly colored foods, ombré drinks and flower walls. They earn their spot in this article for their crazy mermaid granola bowl. Blue spirulina infused Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit piled high, granola and chia seeds for that healthy extra and white chocolate decorations in the shape of a mermaid tails 🧜‍♀‍

We’re dying for: the mermaid bowl… was that not obvious? And one of the rainbow matcha lattes too 😍

Lockdown fix: stick some mermaid tails in your morning granola!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun journey through Barcelona’s most dazzling desserts. At the very least, your dentist has probably enjoyed it 🤭

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