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By Josie Hough - 3 min read

Tasty taquerias to try in Europe

First of all: what is a taqueria? Time for our Spanish lesson of the day. Taquería = taco + ería. That is to say, a place where tacos are made, sold and eaten 🌮

Taquerias are found all over Mexico. From street food stalls to large cantinas, they’re a great place to grab a quick and delicious bite to eat. And of course, the tacos themselves vary based on where in the country you are 🇲🇽

Now, while the Mexican food revolution has taken over Europe and most cities have a handful of burrito bars to satisfy our cravings, the concept of the taqueria is less well known. However, the trend is growing. So if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in Europe, keep reading to find some of our top taqueria experiences to try!

La Taqueria Antwerp

The owners of La Taqueria Antwerp have explored the Americas in search of the best tacos. Everything is fresh and delicious, from the tortillas themselves, made locally from organic whole-grain Mexican corn, to the mouth-watering fillings.

Stay traditional with cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork), go global with Korean-inspired pork belly or take one of the veggie options – just make sure to order a margarita too! 🍸

Maria Bonita Berlin

Bringing homemade, traditional Mexican food to Berlin since 2009, Maria Bonita is a must-visit to indulge your taco cravings.

The cozy, welcoming taqueria has a simple menu with a goal to showcase the incredible variety of flavors in Mexican cuisine in a colorful setting. We love discovering different regional delicacies with their weekly specials!

Santo Remedio London

From humble beginnings at pop ups and supper clubs, Santo Remedio has evolved into a bright, airy haven where its owners share the vibrant flavors of Mexico that they grew up with.

Whether you grab a quick taco after work or stay for a leisurely weekend brunch, you’ll enjoy exquisite authentic Mexican cuisine and delightfully more-ish cocktails.

Candelaria Paris

Not only is Candelaria the first authentic taqueria in Paris, it also happens to have been rated as one of Europe’s best cocktail bars.

But we’re here for tacos. 100% corn tortillas made fresh every day and topped with incredible combinations that can only be described as a flavor bomb 🤤💣

La Taqueria Zurich

When Mexican Eddy and Californian Aaron arrived in Switzerland, they couldn’t find good Mexican food. So they decided to make it themselves, and opened La Taqueria! 🌮

Using the best fresh, traditional ingredients, they make everything from scratch to best satisfy their (and our) longing for authentic Mexican tacos.

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