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By Shawn Mack - 5 min read

The 8 best things to do in Bali

Peaceful and serene- Bali is the perfect place to go for a vacation. The land of Bali possesses countless gifts from nature, ranging from stunning landscape, lush water bodies to an overall soothing environment. One step into the beautiful region of Indonesia, and you will feel a refreshing, soul-revitalizing wave wash over you!

However, tourist stays in Bali are either too short or too expensive to see the whole of Bali. Perhaps, this is why people going to Bali must research and plan in advance which places they would want to visit once in Bali.

Haven’t prepared your list yet? Well, worry not for here are all the best things to do in Bali, narrowed down to 8 items! Read more to explore!

Paradise Gili Air

The Gili islands are known for their incredible peace and serene vibe. Technically, there are three Gilli islands, including:

  • Gili Meno
  • Gili Trawangan
  • Gili Air

Amongst these, Gili Air seems to win the heart of most. Probably because it is much more lively. Here you can explore the beach, go snorkeling, or enjoy a calm blue evening. Legend Bar Gili Air, Mowie’s Gili Air, Bar and Bungalows, and Paradise Sunset offer exotic dishes to try as well as live music.

Sacred Monkey Forest

Inhabited by many monkeys, the Sacred Monkey Forest is a must-visit place in Bali. It’s a vast forest, filled with lush green trees and filled with monkeys. These monkeys receive protection and care from the forest authorities.

You can interact with these furry fellows as they are roaming around freely. So, you can get some amazing pictures of them too.

Apart from this, the Sacred Monkey Forest has three ancient holy temples with phenomenal artifacts and monuments to explore. The Monkey forest is an outstanding place to understand the Indonesian culture and collect information. Places such as Sandat Glamping Tents, Tejaprana Bisma, and Saren Indah Hotel are ideal places to stay near the forest.

Tulen Ubud restaurant

The Tulen restaurant offers one of the best Indonesian cuisines in Bali. You can find almost anything there, from scrumptious Tulen Pad Thai to healthy vegan burgers!

Sophisticated and high-quality- the restaurant follows international standards to serve you the finest of dishes prepared in a completely hygienic environment. Its aesthetically-pleasing wooden interiors, customer-friendly services, and reasonable prices make it an amazing place for dine-in.

Sekumpal Waterfalls

When in Bali, you ought to visit the Sawan District for the Sekumpal waterfalls. The place is almost majestic with its lush green, refreshing environment. The Sekumpal Waterfalls basically comprise about seven different waterfalls in one area. So, you’ll have plenty of site exploration to do with several hidden natural wonders. It’s going to be fun in real life and for your Instagram!

Diamond Beach

The Diamond Beach of Bali is a recently-discovered and unknown tourist spot. It’s quite a narrow strip of white-sandy beach with a blue sea beyond. The beach’s unmatched beauty and rarity attributes for its name-Diamond Beach.

Previously, the spot was inaccessible as there was no way to climb down and reach the wonderful beach. However, now, Bali authorities have carved stairs from limestone that lead straight to the beach!

Note, be vigilant about the tides. Visit Diamond Beach only during low tides as these can be dangerous otherwise. Also, the water consists of lots of corals and rocks, so swimming is not advised. But, you can always climb all the way down to enjoy a cool summer day! I recommend staying a little longer in Nusa Penida, near Diamond Beach. Hai Bar & Grill, Organica Fresh and Tasty Food, and Virgin Beach restaurant are famous places to eat there.

Sindhu Market

As the name hints, the Sindhu Market is a street dedicated to food in Bali. It is usually always open. It comprises several food stalls, offering a diversity of unique Indonesian dishes. You can find spicy Indonesian curries, street food, freshly-made sweets, and even organic fruits!

The Sindhu Market is a great place to fulfill your cravings and taste Bali’s best foods. You can sit under the open night sky and enjoy delicious treats in a festive, musical environment! You can find many cheap food stalls and restaurants near Sindhu Market such as The HUB Bali and Shotgun Social Bali.

Nyaman Gallery

If you possess artistic and creative interests, then the Nyaman Gallery is highly recommended. The word Nyaman refers to comfort and coziness in the Indonesian language. So, the aim of the gallery is to offer a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to Bali visitors.

The gallery features all types and forms of art, whether it be street pop art or traditional, classic paintings. You can even find stone works and ceramic crafts. The Nyaman Gallery exhibits works from both local and international artists. Hence, it offers vast exposure to budding artists and passionate visitors.

Kawah Ijen Volcano

When staying in Bali, you will miss a whole lot of amazing stuff if you don’t go to the Kawah Ijen Volcano!

It is located in the region of Java that is a four-hour drive away from Bali. The drive takes some time, and you might have to stay in a small city called Banyuwangi. While staying there, do check out Nasi Kebuli Aba Banyuwangi, Pentol Pak Lan Banyuwangi, or Kedai Mbok Ichi, great places famous for their culinary feasts.

The Kawah Ijen Volcano is one of the coolest and rarest volcanoes you will ever see! And what makes it more unique is that you will trek and visit Kawah Ijen at midnight for the best experience.

Sounds creepy? Well, Kawah Ijen Volcano comprises lots of Sulphur. It is why the volcano has blue lava instead of the usual red-orange. It is one of the most well-known sites for tourists and visitors.

The blue lava glints in the darkness of the night, looking like something unearthly. After the trek, visitors also get to explore the forest of dead trees (the tree species look ancient!). And, you can also view the neon lake that surrounds the volcano. It’s one of the most acidic lakes in the world, so you can only admire it from a distance!

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