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Things to do in Zermatt

By Sarah Chin A Sen - 8 MIN READ

In the Valais region of Switzerland, the beautiful chalets of Zermatt lie at the foot of the famous Matterhorn (that you may also know as the Toblerone Mountain).

A ski resort in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is popular with mountaineers and winter sportsmen. But it is also a great place for anyone wanting to spend time in a magical snow-covered town and relax in a gorgeous hotel spa.

There is so much to discover in Zermatt… You can definitely not go there without trying the surrounding slopes on skis or snowboard. You can go for a hike and explore the mountains, lakes and forests of the region, or hop on a husky sleigh for the ride of a lifetime. Or simply enjoy the incredible wellness centers and spas the town has to offer.

This blog post will tell you a little more about this paradisiac mountain village, and about the things to do in Zermatt.


Arrival in Zermatt

In Zermatt, you must keep in mind that the town is car-free. Electric busses and taxis are available, but you won’t be able to use your own. You can drive up to Täsch and take the train from there, or you can choose to go for the fancy helicopter flight operated by Air Zermatt (the fastest but most expensive way to get to the town).

Train is my favorite way to get there: it’s affordable, convenient, and it allows you to enjoy the ride and really take in the stunning Swiss landscape. It’s a great way to see more of the country!
There are many train options depending on where you depart from. The Glacier Express is by far the best choice you could make in my opinion. It leaves from St Moritz, but you can also catch it further in Chur, Andermatt, Brig, or elsewhere. This train is made of panorama cars that offer amazing views of the Swiss Alps, and that take you through hundreds of bridges and tunnels. You will even cross the famous Landwasser Viaduct! It’s a truly beautiful ride that I really recommend you to take.


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Staying in Zermatt

Accommodations in Zermatt are quite pricey, but they are well worth saving up for! In addition to the stunning nature surrounding them, hotels in Zermatt are known for their beauty, and the high-quality of the services they provide. Here are a couple of recommendations to help you make your choice.

CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort – Riedweg 156, 3920 Zermatt
CERVO has about everything you could ever ask for. The 6 chalets of the hotel offer intimate luxury accommodation with views of the Matterhorn. They each have their own spa with saunas, outdoor whirlpools, massage rooms and more. The perfect stay is guaranteed!


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The two restaurants of CERVO also serve amazing food, and the lounge is a great place to relax by the fire and casually enjoy drinks and food. The restaurant Ferdinand, separate from the hotel in a chalet of its own, serves excellent traditional Swiss dishes, including fondue and raclette, in very modern décor that fits the surrounding nature and the typical Swiss village of Zermatt. They also have an amazing barbecue menu! I can promise that you won’t regret having dinner there.


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Hotel Matterhorn Lodge – Englischer Viertel 11, 3920 Zermatt
In the heart of Zermatt, the Hotel Matterhorn Lodge is your home away from home. It’s an amazing place where simplicity and authenticity meet, and where hospitality is at its best. It’s like the calming atmosphere of the surrounding nature and mountains has invaded the hotel, charming its residents and warming their hearts.
The hotel also has a cozy bar, a comfortable lounge and a very relaxing spa.


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Visiting Zermatt and its surroundings


Explore Zermatt village

As I said before, Zermatt is a car-free town, mainly for sustainability purposes. But everything can be reached by foot very easily, and what better way to enjoy the mountain than through walks and hikes! Alternatively, you can also hop on a rented bike, take an electric bus, or use a shuttle or taxi to travel greater distances.

While walking through town, you’ll discover traditional houses and barns, the main street with its cute shops, restaurants, cafés and bars, and an impressive landscape that majestically frames the town. I recommend taking the time to stop at the Matterhorn Museum to learn more about Zermatt and the Swiss Alps.

Enjoy the slopes

Skiing and snowboarding are a must when visiting Zermatt. You can even sweep down the slopes during summer!

Alongside the traditional ski schools and instructors who are available for all ski levels, Zermatt offers many other experiences such as ski tours for beginners and experts. For those with more advanced ski knowledge, the alpine landscape can also be admired from above by signing up for a heliski session that will take you freeriding in the Alps.

And after the lifts close and it’s time to head back to town, you can have a well-deserved après-ski at one of the many bars and lounges! I love Harry’s Bar for a good après-ski with friends (Hinterdorfstrasse 53, 3920 Zermatt). The place provides great entertainment to end the day on the slopes on a high note. When the slopes close and the skiers come back to town, Harry’s Bar becomes a real party!


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Hike to discover the beautiful nature of the Swiss Alps

If you love to trek, Zermatt has countless hiking trails that are accessible to the general public and the fresh mountain air is very nice!

The most popular walk from Zermatt is probably the Five Lakes (departing from Sunnegga). You’ll walk by lakes of different sizes, shapes and colors, and you can witness the majestic Matterhorn reflected in the calm mountain waters.

For experienced hikers, more challenging hikes can be started from Rothorn and from Monte Rosa. You can also just take a cable car to the summit of the Rothorn to admire the sunrise and the panorama.

Last but not least, a magnificent short hike can be done in the Gorner Gorge. A charming wooden walkway leads through the gorge in which the clear waters run. There is some kind of magic in the atmosphere that makes this walk very special. It’s a great hike to admire the spectacular views offered by nature.

Relish the mountain spa experience

You can’t stay in Zermatt without having a spa session! In this mountain village, the spa selection is so nice that it would be sinful to leave town without enjoying any of them.
Hotels generally all have their own wellness and spa facilities and often offer massages and other reinvigorating and energizing programs. Saunas, basins, steam baths, indoor and outdoor pools can easily be found all over the village, so no excuse not to book your spa experience asap!

Visit the hamlet of Findeln

Findeln is a great destination for a good hike from Zermatt.
Historically, Findeln is where Zermatt residents would live and do farm work during summer. Nowadays, the little village is famous for its delicious mountain cuisine and is home to numerous acclaimed mountain restaurants. The chapel of the hamlet built at the end of the 17th century is a real cultural heritage to visit.

Eating and drinking in Zermatt

Chey Vrony – Findeln, 3920 Zermatt
Chez Vrony radiates such coziness that it is hard to pass by without stopping to check out the menu of this warm, rustic and welcoming chalet.
Located at 2100 meters altitude, the restaurant displays a magnificent view of the Matterhorn. A great place to spend a quiet moment eating great food surrounded by relaxing nature.


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Findlerhof – Findeln, 3920 Zermatt
Their terrace is a great place to soak up the sun while watching the stunning view of the Matterhorn. The restaurant serves a mix of really good Italian and Swiss dishes, and is accessible directly from the slopes, or by foot! If you’re looking for the authentic ski resort atmosphere, this place is the one for you.


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Le Gitan Grill – Bahnhofstrasse 64, 3920 Zermatt
The dimmed lighting at Le Gitan Grill (“The Gipsy Grill” in French) creates the perfect, romantic atmosphere to savor high-quality meat and fish cooked over wood fire.
The meat is tender, the fish melts in your mouth, you cannot go wrong with any of their dishes. The place is often packed, so make sure you book in advance to enjoy the amazing experience that is a dinner at Le Gitan Grill!


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Bergrestaurant Blatten – Postfach 66, 3920 Zermatt
The warm, wooden chalet of the Bergrestaurant Blatten will make you feel welcome and at home for a delicious traditional Swiss meal.
Accessible via the slopes or the hiking trails, the chalet has been passed down from generation to generation of the Taugwalder family. It has kept its authenticity and will make you travel back to the 19th century, when it was built.


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Bergrestaurant Simi – Furi 4, 3920 Zermatt
In the cute chalet of the mountain restaurant Simi, all kinds of Swiss and Austrian specialties are served. It’s the perfect comfort food for the winter season.
Located just next to the cable car station Furi, this restaurant is an ideal place for a lunch break before heading back to the slopes!


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I hope you’ll take any opportunity you get to visit the Swiss Alps, and in particular this amazing mountain village. There are many other things to do in Zermatt and these are just a few of them. This place is as beautiful in summer than in winter, so you can really enjoy it all year round.

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