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By Josie Hough - 4 min read

Third-wave coffee: cool Berlin cafes for a caffeine fix

What on earth is third-wave coffee, you may ask? When were the first and second waves? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Join us on our journey through the craft coffee trend and discover the coolest Berlin cafes to get your next cup of joe ☕

What is third-wave coffee?

Just as the microbrewed craft beer trend revitalized that age-old drink for 21st century hipsters, coffee is having its reawakening.

The first wave was accessible, low-priced, constantly topped-up cups of coffee – think American diners and their free refills. The second wave is the tsunami of high-street coffee chains introducing the concept of different types and origins of coffee: the Starbucks era. Which brings us to the third wave. We’re talking specialty coffee, from high-grade, single origin beans to the final serve.

Places like Fjord Coffee Roasters are the epitome of third-wave coffee. Working with coffee farms across Africa and Latin America to get the highest-quality beans, their specialty roasting process draws out the natural sweetness of the coffee. They provide coffee for Berlin cafes Father Carpenter, Silo Coffee and Sorrel, as well as shipping worldwide so caffeine addicts like us can enjoy it at home. And they include an intricate brewing guide on their website so you can attempt craft coffee yourself!

Follow your coffee’s life story

Third-wave coffee starts with the origins of the coffee beans themselves. People care more and more about where their food and drink come from and the journey it goes on to make a product they enjoy. Let’s be honest, we want high quality coffee and we love a background story.

Most third-wave coffee places ensure their beans are grown ethically. For example, THE BARN Roastery & Café have direct relationships with farms and pay more the higher quality the product, meaning they often pay way higher than Fair Trade pricing. Excellent news!

They even have a Coffee Wiki, taking us on a journey from the history of coffee in the countries where they source the beans to which extraction process is best for your flat white. Take your love of coffee to the next level and do one of their workshops for an in-depth experience of your favorite drink.

Move over wine tasting

Coffee sensory training is the way forward. Say you’ve learnt how to work your fancy espresso machine, you’ve perfected foaming your milk of choice and you’ve even mastered a leaf on top of your latte. Coffee tasting is the next step. According to Five Elephant, 850 different flavor compounds have been found in coffee. And their sensory training teaches you to identify the complexities of the drink, leaving you with the skills to properly assess the coffees you brew and drink. How cool is that?

Cool cafes in Berlin to enjoy third-wave coffee

With third-wave coffee being such a growing trend, there are plenty of super cool cafes to enjoy a high-quality cup. That’s why we’ve focused on Berlin (this article would be far too long if we included every coffee joint in the place) 🇩🇪 In addition to the excellent places featured above, we recommend:

Refinery Coffee: for coffee from Africa or South America and roasted locally in Berlin using a machine tailor-made in Amsterdam. They also serve fresh, homemade food with seasonal ingredients and some of the best cheesecake in the city.

No Fire No Glory: founded by two Berliners with an immense passion for coffee, No Fire No Glory showcases the diversity of coffee from its origins to seasonal changes, freshly brewing beans from local micro-roasters. Combine your drink with their mouth-watering brunch options 🥞

Godshot: their coffee lab offers barista courses on everything from filter coffee to latte art to coffee tasting. An excellent gift for the caffeine addict in your life.

19 Grams: these ever-evolving coffee pioneers have several cafés in Berlin as well as their roastery and training lab. Whether you just want a great cup of coffee and a slice of cake, to learn all there is to know about the beverage or to buy beans wholesale for your business, 19 Grams has your back. They even do coffee advent calendars!

Die Espressonisten: if Italian coffee is your tipple of choice and you share their belief that coffee is art, this is the place for you. With beans are roasted in Italy and espresso espressed in Italian style, they offer a sensory journey through Bella Italia 🇮🇹

Ride the coffee wave in other cities

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