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By Shawn Mack - 4 min read

Top things to do in Ibiza

The Spanish island of Ibiza has become synonymous with fun and party! It’s such a dynamic place with such an abundance of intriguing and enthralling activities that one cannot just run out of things to do.

Needless to say, we could not sum it all up in just one blog post. But here’s a great selection to get you started.

In this article, you’ll discover what fun means in Ibiza with our top eight things to do there. So, let’s get straight into it!

Enjoy the breeze at Talamanca Beach

Popular for its snow-white-colored sand, Talamanca Beach Club is on one of the beaches closest to Ibiza. It is children-friendly, and so you can expect to meet crowds of all sorts there. You’ll find party people resting up after a wild night, locals walking around, enjoying the fresh air, and young families their young kids playing around. Things that you will get to do there include:
• Explore the surrounding hills and pines
• Take long, refreshing walks on the coast
• Take amazing pictures of the beach and the nature around
• Try exquisite meals

Experience magical sunsets

The enchanting sunsets at Cala Comte are not something to miss while you’re in Ibiza. Cala Comte is amongst the finest beaches in Ibiza located near San Antonio. It features about 2500 feet of sand. The rocky contours of the coast embracing the beach makes the sunsets look even more magical.

Try out new sports activities

Ibiza has many sports activities to offer. Try jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, and similar water sports at the well-equipped centers found on most beaches. And after an exciting day full of activities, you’ll find great cafes to explore and to rest such as The Giri Café, or the Cappuccino Marina Ibiza.

Taste the freshest seafood

Ibiza is beaches and sea. So, it only makes sense that you would find excellent seafood there!
You will find some of the best seafood at Talamanca beach. With their cool beach vibes, the restaurants might not look as luxurious as others from the outside, but we guarantee that you’ll find seafood of unrivaled quality. Check out Restaurant el Pulpo, a real tourists’ and locals’ favorite!

Party at San Antonio Beach

The resort of San Antonio gained its wild reputation back in the 1980s and 90s. Nowadays, countless foreigners still visit Ibiza only and solely to attend the thrilling parties of San Antonio!
Before starting to party ‘til you drop, enjoy a walk down the bay with your travel buddies and get contemplate a stunning sunset before heading to Ibiza’s famous clubs, like the Eden and Es Paradis clubs.

Attend festivals

In addition to clubs, festivals are also prominent and popular events in Ibiza. The island hosts a variety of colorful festivals, each of them promising loads of fun and crazy activities. Festa de Nostra Senyora and Festa de Maig are the most popular ones, both occurring in May around the same time. Places like Hotel Catalonia Royal Ses Estaques are great hotels to stay in Santa Eulalia, where the Festa de Maig takes place.

Dive into calmness at Cala Salada

If you want to enjoy utter calmness and reconnect with nature, Cala Saladeta is the place for you. This breathtaking beach happens to be located less than 20 minutes away by car from the resort town of San Antonio. Since there aren’t many activities and parties happening on this beach, you will not find it overflooded with people like the others. Many restaurants cater to you foodie needs around the beach, like Restaurant Cala Saladeta and Es Tragon.


Last but certainly not least, whether you love a good shopping spree or not, we’d recommend you to take the time to explore Ibiza’s local shops. Why so? Well, you cannot go to Ibiza and not bring some of its amazing local products back home, can you?
Head to the sunset market at Figueretes. The place has about 300 different craft stalls, so you can explore to your heart’s content. Also, you’ll find plenty of restaurants to try there too! KALOS Italian Wine Restaurant, Gagliardo cafe Ibiza, and Bar Can Jesper are popular ones to try out.


There are so many more things to discover in Ibiza. Even though we couldn’t cover everything in one blog article, we hope you’ve found something that you’ll love on the island.
Check out our Ibiza guide for more tips and recommendations for your stay on this beautiful island!

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