Travel Checklist joins TWISPER


TWISPER is welcoming a new partner! You might have spotted them in the Sunday Times, The Guardian or the Daily Mail, some of the most trusted newspapers in the UK… Travel Checklist from Hurst Media is now available on the app to help you plan your day trips, long weekends, seasonal holidays and retreats all around the world and throughout the year. It highlights some of the very best and undiscovered holiday destinations, hotels, accommodations, things-to-do and tourist attractions.

Checklists give smaller, lesser known businesses the attention they deserve, highlighting their benefits. The only way to be featured in Checklists is through Hurst Media Company, the UK’s trusted media partner which curates and publishes Checklists. Companies featured in Checklists regularly give positive reviews about their experience. On Trustpilot, Hurst Media is rated “Excellent” and the company has received numerous nominations for the Professional Publishers Association awards.

Follow Travel Checklist on the TWISPER app to get their amazing daily travel recommendations!

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