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Why TWISPER organizes regular contests

Since August, we’ve been holding monthly contests, where lucky winners get to stay in dream destinations across the world.

From Marrakech to Tokyo, our app’s luckiest users went to far-flung places to escape the stress of everyday life. They even documented their stay on social media for us to share. 🤗

We’ve been getting a lot of lovely comments for organizing these contests. But some of you also ask why we do them in the first place.

🤔 Why we organize monthly contests for our users

The answer to this question lies within our values, and what we offer to our users. We’re an app for sharing authentic, positive recommendations for the best restaurants, hotels and bars, between friends. From amazing food photos to descriptions of wonderful stays in unique hotels, users and their friends share their amazing experiences on the app.

As a community centered on positive travel experiences, we realize that travel contests are an excellent way of giving back to our users, and to get them engaged and excited in using the app. After all, we take pride in having an app with no fake users, no ratings and no ads — only active users recommending their favorite places from around the world!

🤝 Partnering up with travel companies to give you the best kind of travel

As our community grows, we want our next travel contests to be more fabulous than the previous ones! We’re partnering up with travel agencies and publications to take our travel experiences to the next level.

What does this mean? More travel vouchers to give out, more international travel destinations, and longer holiday packages to win!

🇳🇱 Introducing our March destination – Amsterdam

With quirky neighborhoods, beautiful canals and picturesque narrow houses, Amsterdam has become a popular city holiday destination in the last few years. What started a small fishing village now welcomes around 20 million tourists annually, because of what it offers to so many different types of travelers.

Do you want a city break to experience its countless bars, restaurants, museums and coffee shops? This March, we’ll be holding the Amsterdam contest, where the lucky winner gets:

✈️ 2 return flights to Amsterdam

🛏 3 hotel nights in Amsterdam

Deadline: 31 March 2020

🤩 How to join

Download TWISPER

➕ On the app follow Amsterdam Contest

🤞🏻 Use the app

Should you already have the app installed, click here to follow TWISPER Contest.

🤔 Tips for participating

Please register using your real first and last name. If you’re not using your real name or impersonating someone else, we won’t be able to identify you, and you won’t be able to win the contest.

The more friends you have, the higher your chances are of winning. Most of our contests involve a trip for two as a prize. Do the math. If one of your friends win, they might be willing to invite you to this dream holiday destination.

Keep using the app. Add your favorite places and experiences. Invite your friends. And make sure that you keep an eye out on social media and on the TWISPER app. What if you win, but didn’t answer on time to claim your prize?

🎉 Our previous contest winners

Let’s have a blast to the past. Here are some of our previous contest winners:


NY contest

NY contest

Manchester contest

Manchester contest ⚽

Paris contest

Paris contest 🇫🇷

Marrakech contest

Marrakech contest 🇲🇦

🤩 Are you the next winner?

Do you already have the TWISPER app on your phone? Or do you want to discover and share amazing restaurants, hotels and bars, and have the chance to win an amazing weekend getaway just by using the app?

If you want to be in the TWISPER contest hall of fame (it’s a thing now) just get on the app to see our current contests!

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