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To visit after the pandemic: unique concept restaurants in Amsterdam

From a rotating restaurant with a panoramic view of the Dutch capital 🌇to eating in the dark, Amsterdam has its fair share of unique experiences for the adventurous foodies out there. Here are some places to add to your Try Outs on TWISPER and visit after the pandemic is over!

By Julian Canlas - 4 MIN READ

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a sucker for out-of-the box restaurant experiences. I live for this sort of pretentiousness, and Amsterdam doesn’t lack in that regard.

Want to eat in the dark? There’s a restaurant for that. Do you only want to eat avocados? Check. Need the whole restaurant to rotate for a 360 panoramic view of the Dutch capital? Yes! Here are some of Amsterdam’s most unique restaurants.

Disclaimer: If you’re reading this during the quarantine, then please, STAY HOME, WASH YOUR HANDS FOR 20 SECONDS, AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. We advise that you plan out your post-pandemic life, though 😛.


Located on the 19th floor of the landmark A’DAM Tower, Moon is a rotating restaurant with a 360° panorama of Amsterdam. When sunlight seeps in, you can see Amsterdam in full glory: the big port, the few skyscrapers that jut out of the cityscape, and the iconic tilted houses. It’s a fine-dining experience that also leaves you in awe of so many different things at once, from the great food to the amazing engineering feat done to make this whole structure turn.

TonTon Club West

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take me back to @tontonclub 💖 whenever I visit a new city, I like to check out the local arcade scene. so I was pretty hype to discover a japanese-inspired barcade (with ddr!) in the middle of an art park in amsterdam 🕺🏼 . . . fortunately, I got these shots right before the place popped off with like 100 people (on a thursday afternoon) and right before I got reprimanded for taking photos (as usual) 🌝 . . . #tontonclub #tontonclubwest #westerpark #amsterdam #netherlands #europe #gaming #arcade #barcade #bemani #ddr #japanese #pink #adventure #travel #wanderlust #inspiration #takemeback #nostalgia #wonderland #playtime #leica #leicaq #leicaq2 #leicaphotography #vsco #lightroom #moodygrams #mood

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You get to play arcade games and drink cocktails? Score! At TonTon Club West, you can drink your boozed-up milkshake and burn the calories off at a Dance Dance Revolution dance off. Their menu consists of Asian fusion food and the odd Dutch fried snacks here and there. This is definitely a unique concept that works best when you’re having fun with a bunch of mates.

The Avocado Show

As Europe’s first all-avocado restaurant, at The Avocado Show, their dishes resemble edible works of art. This place has been mentioned in international media and has garnered around 143K+ followers on Instagram. With a focus on sustainability, all their avocados are ethically-sourced and they closely work with suppliers that share their values. As for their menu? Delicious and creative. Here, you can take avocado-heavy poké bowls, avocado-topped pizzas with a beetroot pizza base and served cold, and delicious avocado-based smoothies! It’s wild how they’ve managed to create a whole concept restaurant on avocados and take it to the next level!

REM Eiland Restaurant

REM Eiland Restaurant is located in a former broadcast platform on stilts of the illegal television station called “TV Noordzee” that was dismantled by the Dutch armed forces. If the history of this place does not intrigue you, it also has an excellent view of Amsterdam’s bay and the space remains largely unchanged from back then. The whole place has an industrial navy vibe to it, with its red metallic walls and pipes that run visibly across its ceiling. For lunch, they have an ever-changing 2-course menu alongside delicious standard due ishes and sandwiches, and for dinner, they serve delicious pescatarian dishes, such as redfish fillet and the seasonal catches. I also highly recommend that you order a cocktail and just stare into the view of the bay.

Restaurant De Kas

While I’ve already included Restaurant De Kas in a previous blog post on where to eat delicious Dutch food in Amsterdam, this place deserves a second mention. Simply put, the restaurant is located in a former greenhouse and has floor-to-ceiling windows through which you can see the park it’s at. With a focus on sustainability, its dishes are made from locally-sourced ingredients, some of which are grown in its own nearby plant nursery. They only have fixed menu sets, so this allows them to really create a few select meals that are so good and fresh!


At Ctaste, you eat in the dark. The idea behind here is that by removing sight, you get to taste and smell the food in a much stronger way. Throughout the process, waiters, who are visually impaired, will be there to help you. The demand for places in this kind of restaurant is quite high and the waiters will need to plan your experience, so you need to reserve beforehand.

Being unique is great

Unique eating out experiences add another layer of enjoyment. While I agree that the quality of the food should come before anything else, sometimes, I just want to spoil myself and have a full dining experience that’s out of the norm.

Are you excited for this pandemic to end? I sure am. Meanwhile, download TWISPER for free and build your Try Out list by including these places for your next awesome trip!

Stay safe <3.

Julian Canlas
By Julian Canlas

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