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To visit after the pandemic: unique concept restaurants in Amsterdam

From a rotating restaurant with a panoramic view of the Dutch capital πŸŒ‡to eating in the dark, Amsterdam has its fair share of unique experiences for the adventurous foodies out there. Here are some places to add to your Try Outs on TWISPER and visit after the pandemic is over!

By Julian Canlas

A Dutch food guide to Amsterdam

Eating local cuisine in the Amsterdam turns every holiday break into an unforgettable experience. Restaurants in Amsterdam have a pervading atmosphere that feels simultaneously doe maar normaal (down to earth) and gezelligheid (cozy and homely). This simplicity renders Dutch food simply magical.

By Julian Canlas

Basel foodie guide with Basel Tourism

The Basel food scene has so much to offer. Here are some of my favorite eateries and bars in this multicultural city.

By Julian Canlas