WIN a €5000 cash prize

a €5000 cash prize

Participate now:

📲 Create your ESN section’s TWISPER* account
➕ Add the official Erasmus Student Network as a friend
♥️ Recommend minimum 30 places on the app
👥 Have 300 students from your community download TWISPER and follow your account

⏳ The first 5 associations to reach the 300 download and follow goal will win €1000 each to use as they wish!

The download count will start on May 15th at 00:01 CEST. Get your profile ready now to start on time and be one of the first to reach the target!




*Find out more about the TWISPER app here.

Create your section’s profile


Download the TWISPER app and start creating your account by logging in via Google, Facebook, or with your phone number. Switch your profile to public and choose the “association” category.
It only takes 5 minutes!

Make sure your profile is complete with a background image, a profile picture, a personalised username, and a short description.



Add Erasmus Student Network as a friend


In the “Community” tab, go to the “Partners” section, and under “Association”, find the official Erasmus Student Network account.

Follow them and add them as a friend to create your first connection on TWISPER!



Recommend your favorite places


TWISPER is all about positive and authentic recommendations.

Share your favorite restaurants, hotels, bars and cafés with your local network of students for them to know the best party spots, hangout places and foodie joints in your city or anywhere else in the world!



Invite your student network


Invite your fellow students from your association’s school or university to download TWISPER via your tracking link and follow your association on the app.

In the “Community” tab, go to the “Friends” section and click on “Invite” to access your tracking link. You’ll just have to copy/paste it to send it out to your fellow students to download!

⚠️ It is essential to generate downloads via your personal link only for us to track your progress precisely! Once your fellow students click on the link, they should download, create an account and follow your profile directly.



Check out your mailbox weekly for an update of the ESN sections ranking.




Find your friends’
favorite restaurants, hotels and bars

Terms and conditions

Download TWISPER, add Erasmus Student Network as a friend, recommend 30 places and have 300 students download the app and follow your association account. The first 5 associations to reach the “300 download + follow” target will win €1000 each. So hurry up!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date! Enter now and invite all your fellow students to join you on TWISPER. For more information on terms and conditions, please click here.

Download and enter now