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Small Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza has become famous for its vibrant nightlife, its unparalleled club scene, and its legendary events. Part of the Balearic Islands, it is the third largest one and has welcomed partygoers, tourists, and celebrities from all over the world for years.

But more than a never-ending party, Ibiza possesses a breathtaking landscape with some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner to relax, a crowded spot to party, or a family-friendly place to enjoy quality time with loved ones, you’re sure to find your kind of beach on the island. And don’t hesitate to hop on one of the many boats for a day or a sunset cruise! We promise you won’t regret it.

Ibiza is also a renown UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its incredible artefacts. Ibiza City in particular boasts a beautiful old town where tourists can feel like they’re traveling back to medieval times and feast their eyes on the island’s historic beauties. So truly, there is no excuse to not visit Ibiza as this place has much to offer to every type of traveler!



Party like there’s no tomorrow

And experience the unique Ibiza nightlife


Explore Ibiza City

And its stunning historic sites


Enjoy a beach day

To take a break from life and just relax in beautiful nature


Taste the sea

At one of the island’s many seafood and Mediterranean restaurants


Tour the markets

To find unique souvenirs and take in the hippie-boho atmosphere


Admire the sunsets

From the beach or from the water

To try out

Where to eat

Es Tragon

Get a gourmet experience at this stunning restaurant near Cala Salada.

Aubergine Ibiza

Farm-to-table restaurant where you’ll get to taste delicious and healthy Mediterranean dishes.

Finca La Plaza

A place made for your enjoyment. Taste excellent food and cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere.

Where to sleep

Hacienda Na Xamena

Beautiful resort with sea views, and a real oasis to recover from your wild Ibiza nights.

Aguas de Ibiza

Prime location in Ibiza with incredible views. Enjoy the pleasant calmness and flavorful food.

Can Sastre Hotel

Agritourism at its best! This boutique hotel is a real gem hidden in the Ibiza wilderness.

Where to drink


Good prices, nice food, and amazing cocktails at this chill spot with beach vibes.


Perfect place to watch the sunset and start the evening on a high note.

Rio Ibiza

Spend the evening and continue into the night at this popular restaurant, bar and club.


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