Alain Morisod

Alain Morisod is a well-known musician and producer in Switzerland. Leader of the famous Swiss TV show « Les coups de cœur », he has participated in the discovery of numerous musical talents.

Alain Morisod was born June 23, 1949 in Geneva.

After studying Law at university and music at the Geneva Conservatory, he worked with a wide range of artists, including the unforgettable comedy star Fernand Raynaud. His first single, Concerto for one summer, was released in 1971 and sold two million copies all over the world.

Since then, he has focused on music and performances, alternating between being musician, composer, arranger, producer and much more. So far, he has sold 20 million discs (52 gold and platinum discs), given 4,500 performances around the world, and performed on countless cruises, tours and TV broadcasts, including the famous Coups de Coeur on Swiss television.

Despite being a frequent visitor to all four corners of the world, Alain Morisod has always lived in Geneva right next to the Jet d’Eau. The man loves his home district of Eaux-Vives.
He has also written a book Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, which sums up his busy career.

He loves good food and prefers meeting with friends in a small list of restaurants, to which he keeps returning. A true gourmet, he eats out at least 500 times a year.

Charity sponsorship
In 2019, Alain decided the project of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque in collaboration with TWISPER.
Alain would also like to sponsor the Swiss foundation "Petit Coeur”, launched by Dr. René Prêtre. TWISPER will contact them to organize a project.