Dirk Hany

Dirk Hany is an emblematic barkeeper who has opened shop in Zürich. He inaugurated « Bar am Wasser » in October 2018. Passionate about liquid gastronomy, as he says it himself, he is famous for his cocktails’ quality and originality.

Born and raised in South Africa, Dirk’s dream was always to work in the hospitality sector. In 1998, he moved to Switzerland in order to fulfill his initial goal of becoming a chef. He graduated from a renowned Hotel Management School, which later became the SHL in Lucerne. In 2004, after living in France for some time, he fell in love with the bar business. He made a pledge to himself that one day he would open his own bar. 

After going through different positions in hospitality and the bar sector worldwide, he received the “Bartender of the Year” award in 2008, which officially launched his career in the business. Over the course of the following 4 years, he worked for Pernod Ricard as a Brand Ambassador, namely training, consulting and hosting events. During this time, he also spent many days traveling around the world, with the goal of gaining knowledge about his art. 

In 2014, he accepted an offer at the head of the renowned 5* Widder Hotel’s Bar. During his time as the bar’s manager, the place received multiple awards such as “Best Bar Switzerland” (2 times), “Best Bar Menu”, “Bar Manager of the Year”, “Best Hotel Bar” and was selected twice in the Top 10 addresses eligible for the Award of the Best International Hotel Bar.

In 2018, he opened the Bar am Wasser with his business partner. The spot is a classic, high-end cocktail bar, which pays tribute to all of the great bars Dirk has visited in the past.