Jenny Jones

A senior first officer for Air France, Jennifer Jones’ passion for travel knows no bounds. In her career of 16 years, she flies gigantic airliners like Boeing 777 and 778, across the world.

Inspired by her father - a pilot himself - Jenny piloted a plane for the first time across Aix-en-Provence at 14 years old. Jenny wants to be a similar role model to young women, who want to fly planes, themselves.

Self-described as a fun-loving foodie, Jenny is always on the lookout for new great places to eat, sleep and drink. She and her friends use TWISPER to share recommendations of their favorite restaurants, hotels and bars.

For Jenny, great places are defined by the people and positive experiences. She loves TWISPER, because it focuses on these. Follow her on TWISPER to find her recommendations.

Charity sponsorship
Jennifer Jones would like to support Pilotes Volontaires, an organization created by two pilots in 2018 to support rescue operations on migrant boats at risk in the Mediterranean Sea.

TWISPER will contact them to organize a project.