Satya Oblette

Having landed within fashion by way of a simple challenge, he initially differentiated himself from the rest by creating a highly personalized style, the “blond-haired Indian”; and then finally sealing his place through the level of precision and excellence that came from a past career in aviation.

The blond-haired Indian, who grew up under the spotlights of the catwalk, was also trying to mature into a man. Understanding from where he came from, preoccupied much of his thoughts, and today, Satya hopes his biography is able to shed some light on his past. Today, Satya is content in his dual-identity, the infusion of the Orient and the modern as well as the path his life has taken. Thirsty for new experiences and platforms of expression, he is preparing a collaboration for a premium men’s brand.

Charity sponsorship
Satya has been a very committed ambassador of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque since 2011. He participated to the setup of TWISPER’s special action with MCC in 2019.