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Flair bartender Anne-Lise’s top bar experiences in France

One of the few people in France to practice the art of flair bartending, Anne-Lise Jouenne rose to global fame in the flair community when she took part in the prestigious Roadhouse competition in London in 2019.

Flair – if you’re not already in the know – is a unique talent in which skilled bartenders manipulate liquor bottles with tricks you’d associate with juggling and acrobats. It’s wildly impressive and a highly entertaining way to be served a drink!

As a talented flair bartender, Anne-Lise is the perfect person to share her expertise when it comes to unique bar experiences in France.

For upscale spirits mixed by experts 🍸

Hidden in the narrow streets of Old Nice are the seductive neon lights of flair bartender Anne-Lise’s first favorite: Tipsy Bar. Inside, its hip decor gives Mexico-meets-Wild-West-saloon vibes. But this is no gimmick. Expert bartenders whip up whatever you’d like – from shots to meticulously tailored cocktails – with seriously quality spirits. Needless to say, a night out here definitely lives up to the bar’s name 🤪

For a stock market that trades in booze 📉

If you seriously can’t leave work at the office, Anne-Lise recommends Wall Street Bar as your first stop in Oberkampf, Paris. The drinks list is displayed on a screen with prices updating every 100 seconds. Your mission is to get your drinks at the best price (easier said than done after you’ve already had a few 😉). This one-of-a-kind bar experience is great fun with friends and you’ll never want a stock market crash more.

For fans of great drinks and board games 🎲

While there’s a constant flow of excellent cocktails, wines and beers – and delicious cheese and charcuterie boards – at La Case Départ, the flair bartender particularly likes this fun bar for its extensive collection of board games. With a game to tempt every interest and a warmly welcoming ambiance thanks to the friendly team, this concept bar is well worth a visit on your next trip to Caen.

For a bar with a private beach 🏖️

It doesn’t really get much better than a seafront bar with its own private beach on the south coast of France, does it? The dreamy La Réserve de la Mala is exactly that. Whether your tipple of choice is delicious smoothies or boozy cocktails, great wines or champagne, this paradise spot is must-do. And it’s not just a pretty face, there’s also a buzzing atmosphere with regular live music too. What more could you want? 🥂

For a night that ends with lots of new friends 🍻

A typical local bar in Caen, Broc Café is the sort of place where, if you don’t already know everyone, you will by the end of the night. Warm and lively, its impressive selection of beers on tap is perfect for beer lovers, but the friendly bartenders are more than happy to shake you up a cocktail too 🍹

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