Influencer on TWISPER

Create your Influencer profile in 3 easy steps

1. Create your account

Download the TWISPER app and start creating your account by logging in via Google, Facebook, or TWISPER itself with your phone number.

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2. Go public

From the “Me” tab, go to the Settings page and choose “Account privacy”. Here, you will be able to switch to a public account and choose the “Influencer” category.

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3. Request profile verification

In order to become a verified influencer on TWISPER you need:

  • Minimum 50 Favorites on TWISPER, including 20 Experiences (i.e. with pictures)
  • Minimum 250 followers on TWISPER
  • Completed profile (background picture, profile picture, username, bio, etc.)

Once you meet these requirements, you can request your profile verification by filling out the form below or applying via the app directly.
Your application will be reviewed internally and the fit and quality of your recommendations on the app will be evaluated.

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Enjoy the influencer perks!

  • Be shown in the community tab as a verified influencer.
  • Get higher visibility in the search & suggestions
  • Write a bigger bio to promote your personal brand
  • Add a link to your blog, website, Instagram, or other social media accounts.
  • and more…
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