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Boutique hotels rooftop pool sunset view - TWISPER lists

Boutique hotels

What do you look for when booking a place to stay on your trip? Not everyone wants to stay at a palatial resort with endless corridors and multiple restaurants on vacation 🏨  If your search for accommodation usually consists of charming, intimate hotels, then our list of our favorite boutique hotels around the world is right up your street!

Boutique hotels are usually defined as smaller hotels, typically with between 10 and 100 beautifully designed rooms. They offer individualized accommodation experiences, making each vacation unique!

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean boutique hotels won’t offer you the same opulence that you’d find at big luxury resorts. You get all that plus a unique travel experience 😍  Whether you love concept hotels where the décor and architecture is a work of art in itself or cozy guesthouses where you’re pretty much the only guest, you’ll find inspiration for your next hotel stay here.

Boutique hotels rooftop pool sunset view - TWISPER lists

Favorite boutique hotels


Manon Les Suites

Hip urban hotel offering bohemian luxury and sustainable food in Copenhagen.


Sweets Hotel

Incredible concept hotel made up of 28 iconic bridge houses on Amsterdam's canals.


Belmond La Residencia

Intimate Mediterranean retreat nestled in the lush green hills of Mallorca's northwest coast.


Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

Next-level wellness hotel surrounded by dramatic mountain landscapes.

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