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Comfort food

Sometimes you just don’t want anything fancy and would love to dive into a plate of your favorite comfort food! Well, in these moments, simply come to this page and check out our comfort food list to make sure you get the best food possible, wherever you are in the world 🤤

Comfort food has the power to make you feel good when everything seems to go wrong (or even when it doesn’t!), to remind you of fond memories that you had hidden away in a corner of your mind. It’s probably the best thing to indulge in to satisfy your cravings!

Of course, from one culture to the other, comfort food can be quite different, and if you’re an avid traveler and foodie, you might want to try the local versions of the country you’re exploring. From a cheesy New York style pizzas 🍕 to a rich bowl of ramen 🍜, our list is here to guide you in your gastronomic quests. Don’t forget to follow the comfort food list on the TWISPER app too for more recommendations around the world.



Mr. Mac's

A restaurant dedicated to mac & cheese with over 20 mac-and-chese dishes including one with lobster.


The Full Nelson

A temple of amazingly delicious vegan comfort food.


Au P'tit Grec

Find a ton of different savory crêpe options to eat comfort food French style.


Chez ma cousine

This place makes only one thing, and it does it perfectly... Have some of the best roasted chicken!


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