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Concept restaurants underwater Dubai - TWISPER lists

Concept restaurants

Check out our top recommendations for unique eating experiences at concept restaurants around the world.

As foodies and travelers, we love any restaurant offering delicious meals, a great atmosphere and a beautiful setting. But sometimes we want something a little more special. And that’s where our love of concept restaurants comes to play. All around the world, there’s a trend for innovative places to eat where your entire meal is a unique and unforgettable experience.

That might mean everything revolving around experiencing the food in its truest form, like at our favorite chef’s tasting menu and dining in the dark experiences. Or it could mean that your food takes a back seat while flashing lights and dancing robots mesmerize you with their dazzling moves. Or perhaps eating seafood while watching fish swim past you at an underwater eatery. There really is no end to the imagination and innovation behind these amazing concept restaurants 🤩

Concept restaurants underwater Dubai - TWISPER lists

Unique restaurant experiences



Relaxed izakaya style dining at the "Kill Bill restaurant" in Tokyo.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Enjoy your meal five meters below the surface of the ocean in the world's first underwater restaurant.


Little Kook

Magical cafe with whimsical rooms decorated according to different fairytales.



Dining in the dark experience where guests rely on all senses but sight to enjoy their meal.

Concept Restaurants American diner - TWISPER lists

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