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Places to travel in time

History can be such a beautiful thing… What wouldn’t you give to get a glimpse of the most famous philosophers debating in a literary café? Or witness royal parties in the most stunning locations? Or observe the local daily life in a medieval village?

So many world-changing events as well as precious insignificant ones have happened in establishments that still exist today. These places forever retain the power to make their visitors travel back in time, whether it is thanks to their grand interior that revives an entire era, their timeless recipes that transport you to another place, or the eminent guests that have left behind a part of themselves, creating a unique special atmosphere.

You don’t need to be a history buff to appreciate the beauty of these places and everything they have to offer! So, keep reading to discover incredible places that have stood the test of time. We guarantee you’ll make memories of a lifetime!



Old Faithful Inn

Travel back to when the West was still Wild at this lodge made of local wood logs and stones.


Grand Hotel

This hotel has welcomed illustrious guests. Experience their tradition of high-quality hospitality.


Hotel Lautner

With its midcentury design, this hotel is an oasis where time has stopped.


Honke Owariya

Taste famous traditional soba noodles at this historic restaurant opened in 1465.


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